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  1. Where The Streets Have No Name. March 27, 1992. 27 years ago today was my first U2 show. FINALLY got to see them. Every moment was unbelievable, but hearing Streets live for the first time was undescribable!!!!!!!
  2. Just like everyone else, so glad Bono will be OK!!!! Take your time to heal and prayers said.
  3. So I never saw or heard anything more of the special engagement. Did it happen and I missed it, or didn't it happen at all?
  4. I only saw it on TV. I think seeing it at the movie theatre would be great. I really liked the whole movie, but of course seeing Bono was the BEST part!!
  5. It would be a thrill to have them do Achtung like they did Joshua !!!! Sign me up
  6. I think the perfect solution to the presale crap would have been to make tickets available for the Apollo to those who got royally f.... !!! Especially to the long term fan club members. She says while living in a dream world! HaHa
  7. We ended up with cheap seats for Chicago,#2. Last row in the upper bowl, but at least I was there. I too got screwed during the presales, after being in the fan club for almost 30 years!! I have become very disappointed with all of it. The real fans don't seem to matter anymore. It seems CASH is king now. So very sad. For those of us that have been 'hard core' fans for years just have to accept the fact that things have changed. Normally I would insist on going to all of the shows in my somewhat vicinity(Michigan), but just did 1 in Chicago. Oh well, at least it was a great show
  8. GOOD! I was with 3 other people and they were fine. Just my bad luck I guess. And that's why I don't gamble !!!
  9. OK, I know this is random. BUT just curious. After being in Chicago last week to see U2, I REALLY got sick! It stunk seeing my boys for show #22 and feeling like crap! By Friday I couldn't take it anymore and went to the ER. I live in a smaller town in Michigan, about 10,000 residents. The PA in the ER said I was the 5th or 6th person that had been seen there that had just been to Chicago. So I was wondering if anyone else got sick while there. It was a bad virus, I mean BAD!! Show was, as always, great. But I couldn't enjoy it as much as I normally do Like I said, just curious.
  10. My boyfriend has said that too. Either Deniro or Robin Williams. Doesn't matter, he is still the most talented and inspiring singer to ever hit the stage!!!
  11. Thanks! I do want to take some time and watch some of the old videos. I'll probably start drooling if I watch the One video where Bono is sitting at the table smoking. Al I can say is HOT and WOW
  12. Always a treat. And a VERY good time!
  13. Yes. And I always thought he got mad . It looks like he says f... and walks away. But being the perfectionist that he is he probably wanted it JUST RIGHT. Counting the days until Chicago(but I've been doing that for awhile)
  14. Such a GREAT song! I made a sign for Crumbs at one of the Detroit shows(well actually Auburn Hills) and was so excited that they played it !!
  15. I'll have to watch the video for Wild Horses. I haven't seen it in YEARS! I remember there is a part where Bono gets pissed and walks away. He must not have hit the note he wanted or something. Now that I think about it, I should watch a bunch of the older videos!! Well there goes my plan to get more spring cleaning done. I would MUCH rather watch U2 videos
  16. That would be GREAT!!! I love Wild Horses!!
  17. Well said. I don't want to do GA anymore because of the unfairness of it. Same people get the best spots because they pull together and only look out for each other. But with this tour and I & E I think seats are better so you can see the effect of the screens. But nothing compares with doing GA and being on the rail. Looking forward to Chicago.
  18. You hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Streets isn't just a song, it's SO much more. Please reconsider adding it to the show. Hopefully before Chicago!!
  19. I agree. A U2 show without Streets just isn't right!!! Mix it up, fine. But don't leave Streets out, PLEASE!
  20. I'm fine with them not playing all the old standards. But with that being said...... how could they NOT play Streets?????? Go ahead and bring other great songs into the mix, BUT Streets HAS to be played!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  21. I am curious about that too. I'm not doing GA this time around, but wondering how it ended up being. I've gotten burned in the past because of people making up their own rules for lining up.
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