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  1. twogunpete

    WTB one Boston1 GA, two Vegas2 GA

    I DM'd you. I'll take one or both of your Boston1 GA's if you can't go, but I hope you guys make it! Thanks!
  2. Hi u2 fellow fans. Am looking to buy one GA for Boston1 and two GA for Boston2 please, if anyone can help Thanks!
  3. Hi fans. Am looking for one GA to Boston1 and two GA for Vegas2 if anyone can help. thanks!
  4. twogunpete

    Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    I direct messaged Guy Oseary via Instagram. Disillusioned and saddened with this whole situation and how fans end up getting treated. Citibank peeps get 4 tix and members get 2. That one kills me.
  5. Also, I'd love to 'like' more comments here in the forum, but I can't - the site says I've reached my limit of 3 likes for today. Hmmm.... doesn't feel like freedom
  6. Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry, you owe the fans a lengthy explanation. Fans have given you EVERYTHING. Yes, you gave us your awesome music, but without us, things would have been completely different. It pains me to say all of this, so I hope you will explain and attempt to make genuine efforts to make ammends.......
  7. This is horsesh*t and a betrayal. Sad day for all U2 fans. Some are gonna start calling the band ME2, as in me the band - it's all about $ for the band, for Guy Oseary, and their corporate partners. millionaire club. Fans are getting screwed so far. How has this new system limited scalpers and bots? The real scalpers are Ticketmaster themselves and LiveNation. Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry - are you going to issue your own statement that us true fans get to hear, and not through your mouthpiece Guy?
  8. Hi Fans, Ticketmaster just released more GA Tix. Get 'em before the scalpers and bots do! See you at Qualcomm!
  9. twogunpete

    Hi and help! Need 2 GA tix please

    Thanks U2 fans. Just found some more GA tix released on - good luck, All! Get em before any bots/scalpers get them.
  10. Hi All, We were just able to arrange child care, so fortunately, are flying in for the San Diego show. Need 2 GA or Red Zone tix please..... Longtime members and lifelong fans. Please help a brother out
  11. twogunpete

    GA Tickets

    Hi, I'll take em. Will PM you Thanks
  12. twogunpete

    Does anyone have a spare GA?

    Hi Everybody, If anyone has spare tix (I have two friends looking for lower priced tix, plus two more looking for low to medium pricing), could you please post or PM me? Many thanks!
  13. twogunpete

    Does anyone have a spare GA?

    Hi cookies, Do you still have tix you'd ljke to sell to a fan? Thanks!
  14. Hi fuzzydg, Still available to swap? Thanks!