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  1. Bono's health scare

    I wondered about it, too. What's this talk about the liner notes? When I heard about the "health scare" the first thing that popped into my head was a mental health issue. Bono went all-in on his anti-Trump stance (very vocal and frontal in his criticism of Trump in the lead up to the election) and I think that he didn't anticipate that a) Trump would win and b ) the blow back it would have. Bono's ambitions, related to Africa, depend enormously on cooperation with the Executive branch of the US government and Trump is a different animal than past Presidents. Trump puts his own ego before all else and will have no qualms about letting people in Africa die to make a point. Bono's criticism of Trump will have a direct impact on Bono's philanthropic ambitions for Africa. If Bono woke up to this reality and internalized all of this I could see where that might have caused a bit of a crisis and guilt. The stakes are so enormous. The first thing I thought to myself, after listening to the album one time through, was "man, Trump winning really got in Bono's head".

    The first couple of listens through SoE had me a bit worried but after giving it a bit more time it’s gaining momentum with each replay. These songs soar. This album is awesome. I hope U2 announces a second leg to the US tour and comes back around to Minneapolis.