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  1. thomasgoethals

    Red Zone Experiences

    Good question, I also bought for the first time a red zone ticket. Regarding viewpoint and proximity to the band: as the stage setup is practically the same - judging from pictures and youtube movies - as during the I&E Tour, I would say the best place is probably the GA. I was doing GA in Antwerp in 2015, and entering the arena a few hours before showtime, we were still able to stand at the rail on the center walkway! Seeing the band performing meters away was an impressive experience... I fear that Red Zone will not give us the same close quarters experience... Nevertheless it will give you a great view on the screen, which I didn't have in Antwerp as we were actually too close to the screen, and a reasonably close position to the band. A true compromise. Regarding the actual Red Zone amenities: there I hope it delivers what it promises. Easy access to the venue, maybe a backstage tour (definitely interested!!) and the convenience of having the bar close-by. All this without the need to queue for several hours. Please let me know how was your experience! I will do the Red Zone in Cologne on Wednesday 5th. All the best.
  2. thomasgoethals

    Aftershow Party Brussels?!

    Thanks for picking this up bigwave!!
  3. Hello everyone, the last show of the tour is steadily approaching. Probably a good amount of fans will stay overnight in or near Brussels on the day of the show. Let's have all a drink together after the show to celebrate and keep the party going instead of queuing in traffic! Any suggestions for a proper place to organise this? If you are interested to come please like or post to have an idea how many people we can expect. Greetings to all and enjoy the show!
  4. Webcam screenshot from Berlin's Olympiastadion. Wishing everyone a great concert!
  5. thomasgoethals

    Paris Shows 3 And 4 #U2ieTour Live Thread

    Can you see those fighter planes when flying private planes? Someone underway to Paris today actually did... Check out this story:
  6. thomasgoethals

    Antwerp Afterparty October 13th

  7. thomasgoethals

    Antwerp Afterparty October 13th

    Hi everyone, Presume many fans will end up downtown Antwerp after the show on Tuesday October 13th. Does anybody know if there is a meeting point / bar to celebrate U2's concert residence in the metropool? There are the obvious irish pubs etc. but curious for your response! See you, T
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