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  1. bacadorina

    25 Sept Wear A U2 T-Shirt

    I also have a 13 year old U2 T-Shirt, I bought it when I went to my first ever U2 concert, so it is precious to me and I took good care of it. 😎
  2. bacadorina

    Tulsa Live Thread #U2eiTour

    All Because of You is such a great song, full of pozitive energy and it deserves its place on the stelist. I hope they will play All Because of You during the European leg of the tour!
  3. bacadorina 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I really don’t like the gift, 3 lousy remixes and on top of that it’s a vinyl again, which is useless for me as I don’t have a turn table. Not happy at all with the 2018 gift, I think it’s the worse since Duals. I guess a CD with an I+E concert or Joshua Tree 30 concert would have been a better idea.
  4. bacadorina

    Songs you want to hear on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017?

    In God's Country, Running to Stand Still and Unknown Call
  5. I've expected something special considering the time they took to prepare the new subcription gift. So I'm really disappointed, I don't like this gift, it looks like it was done in a hurry. Also 40 US dollars for 4 pictures is way too much, it's not worth the money, so bottom line I will not renew my subcription.
  6. bacadorina

    Amsterdam anyone ?

    I've got GA ticket for Sunday 13th September but I didn't received mine yet, I do hope it will arrive soon in my mail box. Can you post a picture of your ticket to see how it looks like?
  7. bacadorina

    Barcelona public sale date? (8 OR 9 Dec?)

    It was a big disgrace all that happened today on, I was logged on with at least 30 minutes before the sale starting time and after almost 3 hours of waiting it was impossible to order the tickets! I used both PC and mobile connection but still without result. And after 3 hours of waiting to place an order, suddenlly the site was functional offering tickets at the price of 190 EURO. What a total lack of respect towards costumers!
  8. Did you succeded to download the song? I see the countdown but that is all because it happens nothing as I put the mouse on it.
  9. Did anyone downloaded it yet? I tried to do it during the first hours of the releasse, but it was impossible. I guess it is only for US clients, which is a damn shame!
  10. Gold medal for ROMANIA at the Olympic games in London 2012