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  1. YES! It is EASY to do. This band has the power to do much more than they are. They can cancel the seats on those sites - - the seats for sale are spelled out/listed - - exactly what seat! You KNOW what to cancel! And the GAs that are available for immediate download upon purchase? CANCEL THEM. Ed Sheeran did it for 50,000 tickets! He had them cancelled when they showed up on re-sell sites. FIFTY THOUSAND. CANCELLED. Same thing with Eric Church. He had 25,000 tickets cancelled from scalpers!! THIS CAN BE DONE if you care enough to *really* 'keep the tickets out of the hands of scalpers and make sure they get to real fans.' Instead, many were just prey to a faulty algorithm or an unspoken lottery system, or both. But who knows because no one is telling us anything. The bottom line: get a manager who really cares about the fans and DUMP LIVE NATION IN 2020.
  2. But pay attention to the last of the wording: ". . . does not guarantee you will be verified, receive a code, or have the ability to purchase tickets THROUGH THE OTHER PRESALES." That wording DISTINGUISHES this sentence *from* the Subscriber Presale. The question asks ". . . if I participate in the Verified Subscriber Presale." The first and last pieces of the first sentence go together and the middle is the 'given' of the sentence. It means the same thing but should have been worded this way: "If I participate in the Verified Subscriber Presale, can I register for other Verified Presales like Verified Citi and Verified Fan? The answer is - - yes, you may register, but that doesn't guarantee you have the ability to purchase tickets THROUGH THE *OTHER* PRESALES. The wording SAYS *other* presales. There is NO indication in this that the language here refers to the Subscriber presale at all.
  3. I have a friend who got a GA for DC this morning during the pres-sale, so I think that TM rep has it wrong . . .
  4. Can someone please tell me how to PM the moderators? What do I put in the 'To' field of the PM? (The pinned post to those who got that 'retraction' email today doesn't say HOW to PM the moderators.) Thanks for your help!!
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