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  1. My Innocence code arrived in an email today, and it is the same code as I received last time, so I think your old code should work.
  2. For me the code came the day of the presale. I also got an email the night before, not with a code but just confirming that I was verified subscriber and that I would be receiving a code the next morning.
  3. Thank you, Max! Somehow I just managed to grab one. The app didn't work for me, but the computer did.
  4. I was trying on the app and online and wasn't able to get GAs to MSG. I also had no luck in the first presales (I wanted Newark but would have been fine with either MSG show or Uniondale). Ticket access is the only reason I'm a member, so I'm really bummed. How do I go about canceling my membership? I remember that was an option for people who had no luck in the presales.
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