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  1. Hi everyone! I'm desperately in search of 1 GA for San Diego. I'm hoping to queue in advance and would happily help with line management if needed (I arrive from Vancouver late Wednesday evening). Please let me know! Thanks, Michelle
  2. In search of 1 GA for San Diego show! Looking to pair with someone who's willing to queue (I arrive from YVR late Wednesday night). Please message me if you know of anyone!



  3. michielovesU2

    Tour Kick-off Party?

    There's a kick-off party planned at The Pint Pub which is right by the venue.\on Thursday May 11th at 7pm. Details can be found on the Vancouver JT Tour Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/U2ieTourVancouver/
  4. michielovesU2

    One month to the tour. Hello Vancouver! ....anything?

    The previous Vancouver ie group on Facebook has switched over for the JT tour and is becoming more active. Come on over and join us - details re: pre-show party are there https://www.facebook.com/groups/U2ieTourVancouver/ Michie
  5. Lets start a thread for any contests out there (Europe and/or internationally) to see U2 in Ireland. Please post details and a link below!
  6. Daydreaming about a trip to Ireland this November ;)

    1. Anjana
    2. stanley14


      Me too, but not this time :(

  7. Ok, I'm back & trying to navigate the new Zoo.....

    1. xtraspicy62


      you just gotta come back here over and over again to get the hang of it :-)



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      Welcome back!

  8. michielovesU2

    Welcome to the new Zoo!

    Just making my first visit back to the zoo for the first time in ages...Wow, it looks different in here. Looking forward to chatting to you all again soon! Michelle michielovesU2
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    Thank you very much!! When is Larry going to be jumping out of my cake ? I've been waiting for his suprise visit all day....
  10. michielovesU2

    What mood are you in today??

    I'm in the mood to procrastinate today. On a positive note, I do this mood very well
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    Counting Continued...Again

  12. michielovesU2

    Counting Continued...Again

  13. michielovesU2

    Counting Continued...Again

    42190 Hi! Just stopping in to say hello to everyone in this thread :-)
  14. michielovesU2

    What mood are you in today??

    Today I am l-a-z-y......
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    The countdown-thread

    [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: michielovesU2 wrote: jojes'] Zhivvy visiting Barbara & Jessika : 13 days ==> YEAH, dropped under the 2-week barrier !!! Claire's birthday: 38days Kiss gig: 54 days (Claire ) Bono's birthday: 54 days Salt Lake City gig : 68 days (Jbarnych) Anaheim 1 gig : 71 days (Jbarnych, Janette B, Collectoraholic) Anaheim 2 gig : 72 days (Collectoraholic) Zhivvy's Bday : 78 days = another one less than 100, but not as excited lol!!! Seattle gig: 86 days (MichielovesU2) Minneapolis gig: 91 days(Collectoraholic) Montreal 1 gig: 111 days (Michieloves U2) Montreal 2 gig: 112 days (Collectoraholic) Edge's birthday: 134 days Kristaps arrives in Frankfurt: 135 days (and Zhivvy's daughter's birthday) Frankfurt gig : 136 days (Zhivvy, Kristaps) (and Zhivvy's wedding anniversary!) Hannover gig : 138 days (Zhivvy) Kristaps arrives in Helsinki: 144 days Helsinki 1: 144 days (Kristaps, Polly) Helsinki 2: 145 days (Kristaps) Vienna gig : 156 days (Zhivvy, ClaireT) Zürich 1 gig : 168 days (Lumacy) Paris gig : 175 days (Barbara1, Lumacy, Jojes) Brussels 1 gig : 179 days (Barbara1, Lumacy, Jojes) Brussels 2 gig : 180 days (Lumacy) Kristaps flies to Milan - 189 days Rome gig: 190 days Kristaps flies home: 196 days Zhivvy going to Dublin again: 212 days (maybe more luck this time round on finding some men!!!) Larry's birthday: 214 days Christmas : 272 days (just to scare us all for getting it all ready in time!) Wooo hoo.....Seattle and Montreal, watch out: here comes Michie!!! you'll have to give us all the info Michie as us over in Europe will still be waiting! I will be sure to provide an update from the Seattle and Montreal shows with photos, too
  16. michielovesU2

    The countdown-thread

  17. michielovesU2

    The countdown-thread

    I've got a couple to add.... 102 days until Seattle 128 days until Montreal I Going to both - can't wait!