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  1. They look like for the Ticketec presales - Melbourne is on the Ticketmaster AU site https://www.ticketmaster.com.au/?tm_link=tm_logo
  2. LOCAL TIMES, i.e. based on Tickemaster AU U2.com Subscribers Presale: Red Hill From: Tue 4 Jun 2019 @ 9:00 Until: Thu 6 Jun 2019 @ 17:00 U2.com Subscribers Presale: Wires From: Tue 4 Jun 2019 @ 13:00 Until: Thu 6 Jun 2019 @ 17:00
  3. It is on their page today on announcements for November end Presale codes and further info coming sooooonnnnnnn...
  4. Katiek2010 don't worry on the email, lots were late, just go to the link in the Tours Presale page and it will take you to the ticketing vendor, from there you sign in and enter your code, etc good lucky hopefully you (we) will ALL be wiser by MONDAY
  5. agree Bluehammer it is a bit overwhelming when you think you've secured your tix and then there's threat of losing them because of incompetence elsewhere and not your own doing but agree with Leonie, don't shoot the messenger - poor BAJA - she is doing her best based on info she is getting herself I think it would satisfy most if only those that have obviously EXCEEDED their 4 TIX LIMIT PER CODE and/or bought for DIFFERENT SHOWS possibly, should be looked at and allow those that stuck to their 4 TIX per ONE SHOW (city/venue) ONLY their tix - regardless those that have bought a mix of ticket type - as hardly fair to change the rules NOW when they've clearly still stayed within their 4 TIX PER CODE/ONE SHOW ONLY (max 8) entitlement especially as Perth/Melbourne were disadvantaged with limit of 2x for Red Zone online (else I'd have grabbed 4 RZ in 1 transaction and not been forced to make another transaction for SEATS as instructed by Ticketmaster!!) anyhoo...........
  6. that's interesting with the Ticketec site, as I do know that Ticketmaster wouldn't let me proceed once I "exceeded the password limit" I would've thought Ticketec would've had same security in place to ensure only 4 tix maximum per code and that would've possibly fixed the problem oh wells.. my first time fanclub presale and WHAT an experience! LOL good luck to CEDAR group yes, but by then it will all be sorted... MAYBE!
  7. Funny thing is, when I called TM I said "you've probably had hundreds of calls about this U2 stuff already but..." and he says "no" LOL!! I continued anyway.. but I don't know how many ppl work at TM so maybe its different ppl all the time or ONE poor person dealing with all the U2 fanclub presale "madness" hee hee
  8. Ticketmaster stated limit as 4 tix per transaction / maximum 8 (if you have 2 valid codes 4 tix each = 8)
  9. I just spoke to Ticketmaster again just now and explained my situation, which is same as Nniixx - where I bought 4 tix in my name (one presale code) and other in husband's name (one presale code). I had to do 2 transactions, as I wanted mix of RZ and Res Seating, so have RZ x2 and Res Seat x2 = 4 tix limit (as per TM instructions) for ONE show, i.e. Perth. Did exact same on hubby's. As I had 2 valid presale codes, so 4 tix each, 8 total (as per entitlement per FAQs) Ticketmaster said only if you have intentionally duplicated or exceeded 4 tix limit (max 8) they will cancel but will call to check first before taking any action As he put it, I wouldnt have been able to go through any further with the transaction if I had not done so correctly; I did say I accidentally put 3 to 'Find Tickets' initially when searching (after having initial 2 RZ) and it did say "password exceeded limit" but accepted it once I corrected it to 2 only I would say - for Tickemaster anyway - that's all good then (I made a note to myself that I called TM and his name, in case I need it later on, but he confirmed I have done so correctly and doesn't seem to be anything to worry on, for those that have done similar to me) okay all good now I can 'celebrate' my U2 tix purchase and count sleeps to the Perth show!! so thanks again U2com for the presale opportunity (and BAJA for handling as much as you could possibly with such confusion)
  10. depends on which ticket vendor - for Ticketmaster, I was told I would need to make 2 transactions as their system only allowed for either GA/RZ standing OR the Reserved Seating, not a mix, when you 'Find Tickets' and also the RZ limit was 2 per transaction online hence couldn't make up the 4 tix limit in the 1 transaction (that meant starting again, reusing SAME code - but be sure you buy for SAME show - plus there's another handling fee though!)
  11. well yes, I would think only those trying to exceed the 4 tix limit per code should be cancelled, not those who had no choice but to reuse the code to get the type of tix they wanted; if anything, TM gets another handling fee out of my 2nd transaction so doubt they will be complaining!! As I said, all up I still stayed within the 4 tix limit per code, which is what the FAQs says anyway Ticketmaster !! better be right then!!
  12. well I bit the bullet and bought the xtra 2 seats for Perth to go with the 2 RZ I bought earlier today as I rang TICKETMASTER and they INSISTED it would be okay as the limit is 4 per code As I was unable to buy the same type of tix initially (RZ or GA option only) but wanted seats too, thus he said I would need to buy them in 2 separate transactions, thus reusing same code, as clearly it was for SAME city and only 4 tix all up SO, I will be expecting that to be okay else I will be not happy to say the least if my tix get cancelled when its been authorised by Ticketmaster itself ! goodness, I won't sleep now .. worrying even though I was told and told and told by Ticketmaster that IT IS the only way I could do it... arghhhhhhhhhh ((( I hope to wake up less stressed.......... LOL Since when do customer service reps make the decisions? - Baja
  13. thats a good point Sasikala maybe THAT's why Ticketmaster didnt allow the mix of tix so we would be forced to go in and try for more - did you reuse your code then to get the 2 seats? I considered it but the confusion has stopped me from doing anything as I don't want to risk my RZ tix *sigh* page 60 and we are still none the wiser.. LOL
  14. would be nice to have just ONE OFFICIAL FINAL WORD on this from say BAJA/U2com (especially if TM and ticketec have confirmed its allowable to reuse your code but only to makeup your 4 TIX entitlement for the ONE show(venue/city) per code/member due to not being able to select a mix of seats/GA in the 1 transaction thus the need to do 2 transactions to complete what we wanted for that same show(venue/city) - totalling 4 tix limit for that same code I think they didnt allow for the ticketing agencies system of only one type of tix at a time and the fact that members may want to mix their tix and not get just 4 GA tix, for example, 2 GA and 2 Res Seats, thus requiring 2 transactions and reusing same code would make sense to complete the 4 tix limit and hopefully that should satisfy all (or most!) I am not doing anything further until I see it HERE! LOL
  15. goodness its just getting more and more confusing as day goes on.. in summary, it seems the definitive answer is, per example below, be it 1 or 2 codes you have - 1 CODE = 4 tix ONLY for ONE show (i.e. venue/city) e.g. 4 tix PERTH 2 CODE = 4 tix ONLY for ONE show (i.e. venue/city) e.g. 4 tix MELBOURNE it would seem as TM and ticketec did not allow for selecting mix of tix in the ONE transaction, it would seem that you would need to have gone in TWICE, hence 2 transactions have been made using SAME CODE, however as long as you ONLY have ordered all up the 4 tix limit and ONLY have selected all for the ONE show (venue/city) that should be okay that's what was explained by TM however don't shoot the messenger - moi! as I still am not sure and do not want to risk my 2 RZ Perth although I need 2 Perth seats and this SAME CODE should be allowed to be used to makeup my 4 tix in total for same show (venue/city) *sigh*
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