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  1. If I can sell them it would be ofcourse for the normal price that I have paid.
  2. Can anyone help me? Preferbly someone from U2.com itself. My relationship is over and now I have 2 general admission tickets for the Turin concert on september 4th for sale. But I don't know if I can sell them because they are u2 fanclub tickets and if I can trust google translate I can only get them in my hands on september 4th at the counter of the stadium when I show them the email of buying and my passport. The advice of going alone or take someone else with me is not an option. Can anyone help me and tell me if it is possible to sell the tickets? Thanks
  3. Anyone can find the floorplan for Turin? My Italian is none so I don't understand anything of it. Parterre I do understand, but is the 3 a seperate section on the ground, or is it a section in the stands?
  4. Anyone knows what the 3rd sector is? 1 Primo Settore Numerato Intero Presale FanClub € 195,50 2 Secondo Settore Numerato Intero Presale FanClub € 109,25 3 Terzo Settore Numerato Intero Presale FanClub € 74,75 4 Parterre in Piedi Intero.Presale FanClub € 74,75
  5. No code received in The Netherlands, and sale starts in less then 4 hours
  6. I'm a EXPERIENCE group member from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, still no code received and sale starts in less then 4 hours.
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