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  1. jonno77

    Fake U2 Social Media Accounts

    There is another @SeanLowe009 claiming to be in U2’s mgmt and thinking fans are gullible enough to believe Bono will do house visits for as cheap as €300. Was wanting me to hook up via an app called hangout. Kept pestering even though I asked if I could pay by carrier pigeon.
  2. jonno77

    Fake U2 Social Media Accounts

    @U2_1490 is on twitter at minute trying to resemble the real thing, using same twitter image etc, retweeting u2 official tweets. Not sure if them but seen other fans report being contacted about meet and greets, 1000 for 24 hours with bono!
  3. Hi, all you that have done red zone how many days before do they email you? I’m doing Berlin in less than 48 hrs and not received an email. All my account says is box office collection and a ref so I have no details when/where to pick them up. I’ve emailed TM but not hopeful they will respond in time. Could someone PM me Jennifer’s number or email please do I can give her a shout, Thanks john
  4. I just rang TM as my card expired for a paperless ticket. They put a new one against the ticket for me. Gonna take both in case.
  5. Reading this now, I'm worried. My partners credit card expired so I used mine. Not having a credit card works out well for her - I just had to pay for her hotel in Rome!
  6. I'm in same boat. I read someone saying for paperless TM can transfer the tickets to the new card. Best bet is to ask ticket seller. I thought it was someone on the forum here but can't find the post, otherwise would have linked to it. So it might have been on U2start Apologies
  7. jonno77

    Tips on hotels

    Lol. Our plans have changed. Kids gran didn't fancy 4 days in Berlin so offered to look after them at home and me and my better half can go for 2 nights kid free. Result!! Only snag is I had to sweeten deal by offering to treat my missus and her mum a trip to Rome on their own. Should have looked at cost of Rome hotels first . Not all bad tho - I'm hoping it means I can use it as a bargaining chip for a trip to ireland. Not only ticket prices costing me, but the scheming to get to various shows!!
  8. jonno77

    Tips on hotels

    I was going to go on my own too and booked a hotel in Friedrichshain. My better half has decided to come too, so we're packing up 3 kids and the grandma and all coming to Berlin for a 4 night sightseeing break with U2 the icing on the cake. I think they want to go and see Brandenburg Gate etc but I'll be taking them to Hansa Studios, Zoo Station and the U2 subway If anyone else knows must see U2 sites in Berlin, then please let me know.
  9. jonno77

    Songs youd love to hear on this tour

    My first U2 show was Celtic park in 93, it was edges birthday I think. I'd love to hear so cruel and acrobat but neither of them will happen. After Exit on the JT30 tour, I really hope they play that again. From older stuff, any of Fire; Tomorrow; Gloria; Unforgettable Fire; love comes tumbling: heartland. None of them will happen though
  10. jonno77

    Support Acts

    How about inhaler doing some covers of Manchester bands
  11. jonno77


    good luck with it - hope you get what you need
  12. jonno77


    Given how today has gone I'm not confident at all with the album presales. There must be a lot more of those codes than innocence ones.
  13. jonno77

    Has anyone got the preseale to WORK?

    same here for GA in Manchester and was in at 10. Then nothing in London
  14. jonno77


    Was in Manchester right on 10 and no GA. Tried again, GA showed, then did verification bit and after says no more tickets. So no standing after 1 minute. Gutted Simultaneously tried London. In queue till 10:10 and no ga. Told me after entering code and can't see where to cancel it so don't want my code using
  15. jonno77


    For those who say they have no code - I use chrome and no code shows on the tours page. If use firefox it shows on tour page. So if no code on tours page try a different browser. It might not be helpful though as the code shows for me on my account info regardless of browser.