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  1. People that desperate to pay those numbers? It's one thing to offer the tickets for those prices, but another thing to buy them! Scalpers ony have a ob because people buy those tickets. I'm a huge fan, but won't pay that crazy prices! There are other ways to make sure your attending at least one show.
  2. @ rhjannink; were did you get the information about the rock- an aqoustic version of the show? Didn't read that on de U2 site or forums.
  3. My response to the email I got after leaving a 'help-message' yesterday: Hello, thank you for the email. But my problem can't be fixed it seems. Bought the gift-package by accident and recieved the email with the gift-code. But it supposed to be for myself, not for someone else. Do I need to buy an new package? In the U2-shop there are only gift-packages. When I want to upgrade my profile, I can see the right packages. But there's no box to put in the gift-code. Do I need to buy another package? And then cancel the gift-package (is that possible because I allready got the code in my email)? Allready called customerservice (10 min call from Netherlands to the US), but she couldn't help me because the system was still updating. Asked me to call back in a couple of hours... Can you please help me so I can do the right things to fix all of this in order to get a pre-sale code for tomorrow (23 hours)? Would apreciate that!! Sincerely Bigwave/ Bajagirl/ Max; do you know what to do? Sorry, quite desperate at this point. Tried so many advices from Zootopia, but nothing seems to work...
  4. Tried that, but I came to a page were there's nothing to click etc. Just says packages on the left (step 1), subsciption in the middle and step 2 on the right side. Beneath that all the info about the packages.
  5. When I go to the renewal page (link in the FAQ's) or to the subscribe page (also FAQ-link), I see my personal facts (adress, name etc). I have to select a package; did that. But than I see this page with just information about the packages, but no options to click.
  6. Don't get it... sorry! I bought the gift-package. Got an email which said to send it to a friend; they could subsribe at the site and use the gift-code. So I can't use the code for myself? Or do I have to 'upgrade' again and fill in the gift-code? Would they allow that, because it's the same person using the code? Or do I have to buy a new package (at the U2 shop?)? Use that one and hope to get a refund for the gift-package?
  7. @ Max; thanks!! @ Deagonfaerie; didn't tried it. Affraid I might lose al my options. Opened a new topic about the 'gift package' in order to get a little more structure for the people with the same problem.
  8. Dear Zootopians, does anyone have the answer to the problem of buying a 'gift package' by accident, in stead of the package for your selves? Wanted to resubscribe. Went to my profile, selected the update-button, bought the package at the Live Nation site. After this I noticed the 'gift- thing' and learned that it's not the right package to get the pre-sale codes myself... Noooooooooo!!!! Just got the confirming email with the unique gift subscribing code... but can't use it myself or?? What to do? Can I trade the code with someone in the same situaties? Or isn't that possible because we both ar members allready? Help!
  9. Just got an email after buying the 'gift-package' by accident today: "This email contains the unique gift coupon code which they will need to use when they sign up online as a subscriber'. So can't use it myself???? Real problem! Any of the mod's know what to do??? Bought it for $50, don't want it to be a waste of money.... Can we trade the unique git subscription code? Or isn't that possible because we are allready members?
  10. @Claire; in the U2 shop I can only find packages, also with 'gift' in the titel. Cheaper ($40), but also stated as 'gift'.
  11. Agree, same here! Can your creditcard-company be of any means related to cancelling your order at LiveNation? What a mess... sad right now
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