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  1. pluck77

    Qualcomm Stadium Ticket Snafu?

    what do you guys think the chances of pulling 4 tickets on the pre sale will be. should i try 2 searches of 2?
  2. make sure you leave early whether its a bus or driving. took me over 3 hours to get out there on 360
  3. pluck77

    Looking for a GA for boston

    yes. I cannot attend so I have a single for sale. cost price
  4. pluck77

    Looking for a GA for boston

    did you find a ticket ? I have a spare
  5. pluck77

    Looking for 2 Boston tickets!

    dunno if this is any good but I have a single GA for face value
  6. Hey guys, I have 1 g/a ticket for the Toronto show if anybody is in need. I bought 2 by accident. will have to meet at the que.
  7. Hey guys, looking for a Vancouver GA, I have a spare Toronto Canada to swap. Knowing there's a time gap, I'd pay the ticket price until Toronto show came around. Will also buy GA if someone has a ticket and not interested in Toronto
  8. pluck77

    Does anyone have a spare GA?

    Also asking for a miracle and hoping for a ticket. Last minute flight from Newfoundland
  9. do you still have these?
  10. i read that afterwards as well. hopefully its not too much trouble
  11. Hey Guys, I dont know if this has been posted before but somebody accessed my credit card and they had to cancel my card and send me a new one. How will this affect me for G/A entry? am i screwed now and not be able to get in? Thanks for any help