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  1. watching U2's fb stories again and again...hopeing for some more to be a tiny bit in the sound...
  2. u2start might have people sitting somewhere else than at the show in Mumbai - though I don't know how to share the fb-stories...tech is not my friend...
  3. the posts of u2start with out without you is U2's insta/fb-stories video - if you have any stream/video aside of this pleeease let us know...
  4. Nope, we'll find out anyway... they should know... so please let us in the sound! PLEASE11
  5. If and whatever changes will be done on this I really hope that all subscribers in Germany will receive their gift straight to their address and no longer need to collect it at the customs. I live in Germany too and luckily never had to go to the customs - I knock on wood that this will remain for future U2 gifts.
  6. Maybe they could add this as bonus CD or download with the e+i-tour-DVD as it would also fit to the filmed show - it would be sooooo great!!!!
  7. was there already the email for the subscibers with presale-code and presale-data? I'm just asking as I had problems in the past receiving subscribers' emails though I have the code on my account-page.
  8. is there a free subscription? (Or any Mixlers, maybe?) Anyway, I really really hope that someone will tape it - maybe U2 or Sirius stream it later for free...here's hope, still...
  9. Does anyone knows if there will be a livestream? Also for non-subscribers of Sirius? Also for outside US?
  10. I hope that everything will be fine here in Europe for the e&i tour ticket pre/general-sales. The asticle gives hope, hopefully it'll pure all over the world. I would like every resale-platform to guarantee that tickets are only allowed to resale at face-value, or if then +max. delivery&payment-fee. If it's prohibited to resale at higher prices than that the problem should be solved...maybe to add something to the tickets that make them unique and for fans to check if the ticket is a real one and if paperless that it's not handed to more than one person. I don't know if this thread is the right one to post this...is there a thread for this?? I guess there are lots of us who make up their minds to find a way that only fans get tickets at normal prices and that the ticket is real and not given to more then one person.
  11. I have the same worries, I'm in Germany. The u2-support team told me that it's no problem to be verified for North America shows and want Europe tickets only, I simply shall not use the code (for North America) to be fine for Europe (don't know if it's then a new code or the one we already have). Fingers crossed. Max if you have any official Info, it would be great (but I guess for Europe it's still waiting time). You're doing a great job Max! Thank you for all your help!
  12. Right, but I have "setup completed" due to the confusion back on Nov 1. The support team of U2com said that it does not matter but I should not use the code. I haven't used it. But if for the 2nd round of presales were new codes and I haven't received one it seems that the code I got was used but not by me...and then I doubt that I will get a code for Europe...sorry to write this here but I hope now you understand why I'm worried
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