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  1. Does anyone in U2 or management actually look at these posts? I DON’T THINK SO !! The last couple of gifts have been held up by technical issues, I simply don’t believe it for a second it’s just poor communication skills and poor organizing! If you read the very first email about this gift it’s just ridiculous HOW LONG TO WAIT FOR THESE SONGS. I’ve said it before but other artists are producing live material on a monthly basis....I don’t expect them to read this but we can only wish 😡
  2. Well it’s all about opinions. I think we all want new material, weather it be live or studio. It’s more than a bit annoying to be told via emails that we’re getting these downloads 6months ago? All I’m saying is, other artists seem to just be able to release live material like this without dragging it out and dragging it out. They have it ready, they’ve choose the songs, now just release it.
  3. Absolutely ridiculous the length of time it's taken to release these 23 tracks? Springsteen can release dozens of live concert recordings in the time it's taken this release to come out. I'm sorry but your starting to take the goodness out of it. Just bloody release it and move on. It's almost mid September, and as someone rightly said, U2.COM will be soon looking for people to resubcribe soon. Shambolic. Rant over!
  4. I’ve sent an email to u2.com, I suggest everyone do the same and keep reposting the message. Something just short n sweet, this subscriber gift is rubbish, we want something else!!
  5. The band should maybe do a poll every year, give subscribers three options of what they'd like as a gift and then what format! It could be a one week or two poll done in January. I think most people would be happy with that process. A band like U2 who grew up in the age of vinyl (like me), want to encourage people back towards it. I can see tha appeal, but not everyone will, I think 3 years of vinyl in a row is not fair to everyone, we are all from different generations. It can't be the same format every year, I know you can still be given the option to download the tracks but it's not the same.
  6. I think from reading most if not all the comments we're all pretty pissed off about this gift. Two rubbish remixes and another that we have on other releases!!! I like vinyl with the ability to download in MP3, but this is SIMPLY not worth a curse. Save your money u2 putting this together!!!
  7. No imagination. I don’t mind the whole vinyl thing, because you are able to download. My issue with it is the lack of imagination when choosing the track listing? Some proper rarities, would have being nice. I would never have guessed that it would have being this poor?
  8. There must have being more ideas going around the U2 office before they decided to choose the latest 2018 rattle and hum remix gift. Who wants remixes? Surely this is waste of effort manufacturing this? We've all heard these remixes before, so no big deal there? some actual rarities always goes down a treat!!! But this gift could be the worst gift ever?
  9. I think it's fair to say that the very high ticket prices have annoyed fans. I love U2, but I don't care what anyone says, nobody is worth asking fans to pay crazy money for ONE TICKET. Pre sales are scams. I have being a member many times on and off over the years, yet someone can log on for the first time the night before a presale and be in the same group as me? Experience groups used their codes only to fine out that 2 more Dublin nights are happening? That cannot be fair. ARE U2 losing touch?
  10. Totally agree with the first comments. The cost for going to a concert is crazy money. The e&i tour is not selling out like previous tours. Stupid money is being asked for tickets. How can other artists play the same venues but the tickets are nowhere near the same. I know U2 are a massive group, but don't be ripping us off. Fans are paying these silly prices (like me). It's time we stopped. And going from the sales of this tour particularly Boston or Chicago, fans won't pay the prices
  11. Photo taken at Croke Park (thats me on the left) 2008. The photo was taken after Dublin won the GAA Football Leinster Final "Good Times"
  12. Photo taken at Croke Park (thats me on the left) 2008. The photo was taken after Dublin won the GAA Football Leinster Final "Good Times"
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