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  1. I know there are loads of pubs around the arena, was hoping for something more U2 or Irish themed, but I dont think anybody has organized anything. If so I'm not aware of it. Legends Corner is always a good place, and its right across the street from the arena, but I'm sure it is going to be slammed. Might try something a little further down Broadway, crowds might not be as bad. Friday night we were planning on doing something in East Nashville. If any locals know of any good Irish pubs, please let the rest of us know.
  2. Anybody know of any pubs doing any sort of U2 preparty before the show?
  3. Anybody volunteering to run this? I would but I get flustered when burdened with responsibility
  4. I am thankful to get tickets to Dublin, but what a complete disaster. From my codes not working, to reasons I still dont understand my card not being accepted twice, but working the third time (yes I notified my bank in the states ahead of time I was going to be making an overseas purchase.) I have never had an experience as horrible and frustrating as this. There has got to be a better way because this hardly seems worth it. I'll be happy tomorrow, but today I feel like U2 kicked me in the groin and Ticketmaster kneed me in the privates :/ Thank you to the mods for all their help.
  5. Saw this on fb. I've already tweeted him and the band. Charging $300+ for ONE seat that isnt RZ is how they lose us. Speak up!
  6. I fully realize there are greater problems in the world right now, but I wonder how much of this is Live Nation, and how much of this is U2? I went in thinking if I didnt get seats under $125 I was willing to pass. After hotel/air/meals/pints/concert shirts, $300 tix is just too out of hand. I got lucky and got some GA but I feel for those that werent as fortunate. It really leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth that this band, while maybe not the cause of the insane ticket prices, at least isnt doing more to get our backs.
  7. I sat behind the stage and nosebleeds for one of the shows in NY for i&e, the good news is you'll be able to see the stage just fine, there arent any obstructions in the way. Bad news is youll miss the big giant tv screen. If I remember correctly they did have a smaller tv up so you could at least see their faces. I sat next to some fun people, so it was a good time. You'll be grand! * In response to chappingsoul
  8. Had a rough experience with ticketmaster (insert dramatic gasp here) but got some nosebleeds. Happy to have tix, now where are we all drinking before??
  9. If you already got tickets, what words of advice can you give us that have yet to go. What should we do ahead of time if anything? PLEASE dont complain about the process, we all know its never gonna be perfect. Thanks!
  10. Has anybody seen what time tickets will go on sale for each individual shows?
  11. We need 1 GA for tonight. Plz [PLEASE NO PHONE NUMBERS ON THE BOARD. Use instead PMs]
  12. I think they go underground to get inside the stadium.
  13. Every pub will be rolling out the red carpet that week, cant go wrong.
  14. I saw them do Bad followed by 40 in Dublin during ie tour. It was one of the best moments of my concert going life. I'm glad they added Bad to the rotation, but I'm doubtful 40 will make it in...
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