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  1. I might be able to help you get rid of these. Do you still have them? I'll make some phone calls and round you up 4 takers if they are still available. -yoshitownsend
  2. Do you still have one available. We need one extra. We can meet you. I'll send you a PM. yoshitowsend.
  3. They are still there as of May 18, 11 am.
  4. U2 General Admission Tix for Dallas, TX are available right now on Ticketmaster (10:40 am CST, May 18).

    Anyone interested? Get them now!

  5. Stubby stay in touch. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find Houston tix, the Cowboy's stadium 360 show were releasing tickets throughout the weeks, and even the day of the show. Everyone I knew was able to get one before it was all said and done. And I've got 3 of my 4 tix given to family members but if that last one doesn't have a taker I'll check back with you.
  6. I hear you Not Like This. It's not the "pre-sales" tickets that can't be transferred. I bought some GA tix for family and then I learned that I can't send them those tickets. -
  7. I got some spare tickets, but I'm going to be in San Francisco for a job interview that day. I need my credit card to get people in for those floor seats... if it weren't that they are "non-transferable," I would love to sell them at face-value to some fans. I originally bought them for family members who would drive down from Austin, but I don't think they are that interested after all. So... I'd like some fans to somehow get them if I can somehow transfer them. -Joshua
  8. I got a ticket for the show, general admission. But they are "non-transferable," so I don't think I can give it to you/ trade it/ etc. Otherwise I'd be happy to let you have it. You'll need me to escort you in. Send me a private message? I'd be interested in possible trading.
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