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  1. I wondered the same thing. It certainly wasn't for a well organized experience - the seating map wasn't up until well after the RED HILL presale started. I also wondered the same thing. Bought 2 first rank seats of €180,- in the Red Hill Pre-sale: Primo Settore Tribuna Monte Mario Numerata Prezzo € 180,00 + Prevendita € 27,00 That is per ticket an extra € 27,- pre-sale fee? So they increased the ticket price by 15%! That's 2x27 = € 54,- extra cost for me. But also I had to pay: Shipping cost € 19,99 AND a service fee € 25,26 In total I paid € 99,25 extra for 2 tickets on shipping, pre-sale fee and service fee?! That's really not normal, is it?! Shipping and service ok, but also a pre-sale fee of 15%?? And indeed the seat map wasn't up, prices were not known? Edit: Hmm after some surfing I discovered that almost every concert has the presale fee. I believe it is a sort of payment for the promoter of the event, not ticketone. And it's 15%. Still, € 99,- is a lot of extra cost on two tickets. But ....... I'm going to Rome !! Yeehahhh ! And Amsterdam ;-) (That was excellent, being able to buy two different city's on one presale code!) Have fun everyone!
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