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  1. The only thing I would add, and not to sound like an asshole, but please put down the cell phones. Take a quick photo, take a quick snippet of video, but there is no need to record the entire song. It's so freaking amazing and so sad to see so many people concerned with their Facebook and instagram posts and missing the show right in front of them. WOWY totally sucked for me because I had two guys right in front of me holding up their cell phones to record the whole song. I asked them politely when it was over if they could refrain from recording the whole song because I couldn't see. Okay, done with the rant, just be respectful of the others around you. No one is going to get the Anton Corbijn shot.
  2. I want to thank the Rose Bowl staff for yesterday. They handled the GA line so much better than in 2009. It was very orderly and they obviously very well prepared for yesterday. Hope all goes well for those of you who are going tonight. If you think about it, thank them.
  3. I went Wednesday and arrived at 9AM and received #135. They let us leave and told us to return at 4:00PM where we were put into numbered corrals of roughly 25 people. They let us in at 6PM and the boys took the stage around 8:30PM. It was the smoothest GA line I have ever done. As I said above, the Rose Bowl 360 was shitshow. The Vertigo ellipse random drawing thing was cool, but I really liked this tour's experience. It was just so orderly with the exception that the RedZone people get let in at the same time through a different entrance and they can choose to jump out of their area and in the general GA population. No cool in my opinion. Have a great time mags. Enjoy the show!!!
  4. No problem, carlahancox. Glad to help out. Night #2 was pretty special. The contraption down the catwalk doesn't bode well for those on the floor at either end. It was hard to see the boys in that thing, but I imagine it was pretty cool for the folks in the seats. U2 can still put on a pretty innovative and energetic show. Felt bad for the boys and their crew Wednesday night. Must have been a tough show to get through, but I think they paid homage to Dennis pretty well.
  5. Patti Smith's People Have the Power is what is played right before they take the stage.
  6. I was there for the 2nd night in LA. Arrived at the Forum at 9AM and got #135. We were told to arrive back at the Forum at 4PM. I think this was the most orderly U2 GA experience I have had in 10+ years of doing the GA scene. Very well organized. I realize this is mainly a review of the show thread, but I did want to point one thing out that I thought was annoying and that was the fact that the Red Zone people were allowed to leave their area and head the GA area as the GA people were entering the arena. I call BS on that and here is why. My U2 family (there are 7 of us) arrived and followed the rules as we have for many shows. Our most memorable and nightmarish GA experience was for the 360 Rose Bowl show. If you were there, you know what I am talking about. Anyway, when were let into the Forum at 6PM we headed straight for the main stage Adam side. There were already people there on the rail. We got the corner area of the front rail GA section next to the RedZone. To our left was this obnoxious industry couple that were the selfie king and queen of LA that night. I say that because that is all they did all night. FFS! Put the camera down and enjoy the f@#$%#g show!!!! After about an hour and half of it, I told the chick to put the camera down and watch the show. I couldn't hardly see the Edge at all because of her freakishly long arm holding out her camera the entire time. Did I take a couple photos with my camera? Yes, I did, but then I put it down and enjoyed the show. It's so annoying! People have no regard for the others around then anymore and frankly, I think it is rude to the band. They come over and play for you and all you do is shove your iPhone in their face. She did not like my request and told me she paid $3000 for her ticket. She had RedZone tickets and that entitled her come to the GA side where people waited all day to be on the rail. I told her she was stupid and that I paid $87 for my ticket and that her $3000 did not entitle her to ruin my experience. Unfortunately, it did a bit. Anyway. I hope all her friends enjoyed her 15,000 photos/selfies on Twitter and Facebook that night. What do you guys think? Should RedZone people be allowed to get on the main GA rail because they paid more. I say, F#$k No! Now for the show, it was fantastic! My favorite songs were Out of Control, Angel of Harlem, Bad, and 40! The opening song, The Miracle was also a great song live! I hate to say it and I am sure others will hate me for it, but I can do without Pride and With or Without You in a show. I heard from a friend who was at the Roxy last night that all the KROQ ticket winners did not make it into the show last night because there were too many VIPs there. That sucks!!!!! I'm not usually so negative, but my experience has been that the GA people are some of the best U2 fans around. They are usually very courteous! It's unfortunate that I got stuck next to two self serving rude individuals Wednesday night. PS: That obnoxious couple on the rail, when asked what time they arrived, they responded 5:30. I figured it was AM, but then they showed us their RedZone bands and told us PM! Of course one of my U2 family members did not like that and decided they needed a test, she asked them what the first U2 album was? They could not respond with even the basic Boy answer, but of course we know it is the EP Three. She's been carrying that red 45 around with her to every show I have been to with her in the past 12 years. Last night at the Roxy she got the Edge to sign it! And the people in the RedZone that we talked to since we were right next to them called BS on their move too. Okay, my rant is over. Enjoy this tour. It's a good one!
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