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  1. Looking for an extra GA ticket for the 7th. Last case scenario I'd be looking to do a partial trade involving my GA for the right pair of seats. No matter what the GA I have in hand will not be for sale. Thanks -Tim
  2. Looking to trade my NYC 6 GA for your NYC 7 or 8 GA. Ticket will not be for sale. -Tim
  3. Anyone wanna trade GA's for a Boston show (prefer the 1st or 2nd night) for my NYC6? I can transfer the NYC ticket to you as they are not credit card entry. Please let me know. Thanks -Tim
  4. I am interested. The UC has been allowing people to go to the box office throughout the day and print up hard tickets. Please advise. Will be unable to wait in line though. Thanks -Tim
  5. The GA line is going to be very similar to Elevation and Vertigo. GA ticket holders will enter through Gate 5, which is at the Southeast corner of the arena right around the corner from the Micheal Jordan statue. The no camping-out thing refers to camping on UC property. As has happened 12 other times when U2 has done GA at the UC the line will form on Honroe street and the camping takes place on a public sidewalk and parkway. Typically the UC notifies CPD about the line and requests a special attention during the overnight hours. In the past we were able to communicate with the UC management and have them keep a fence gate open overnight which provided access to the port-a-johns. Depending on the day, crowd, and weather the UC might have vendors selling hot dogs and water outside. May 15, 2001 it was so hot they were handing out free water to the line. The neighborhood has definetely gentrified in the 10 years since U2 last played there but it can still be a bit sketchy for people not familiar with an urban environment. That being said, it'll be fine. Parking is free and available on Honroe up until like 3 or 4 pm the day of a show. This means you can park your car 20 feet from your spot in line. Then, when the lots open, just move your car in there which is on the other side of the fence. Make sure you move your car or you will be ticketed and towed as that is where the coppers working the event usually park. Go to google maps and put in 101 S Honroe. Pull up the street view. You'll be able to see Gate 5, the sidewalk, the street, the parking lot, even the gate that they keep open for access to the bathrooms. There's a lot of people interested in meeting the band when they come in. They will come in the loading dock which is on the west end of the arena just south of Madison on Damen. If you wanted to see that, go to google maps and search for 21 S Damen. -Tim
  6. I have an extra GA for the 27th I'd like to trade for a GA to the 31st. Let me know if you are interested. -Tim
  7. Plenty of street parking until the lots open. Just read the signs when you park. Then move when the lots open. Half the GA line will do the same thing. -Tim
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