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    Portland, Orrr-ee-gone
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    Seriously competitive golfer, run 5Ks/10Ks, All things Disney, travel, always get comp'd in Vegas, I'm an underrepresented minority in the high tech industry.
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    Unforgettable Fire, no wait, Actung Baby, no ummm.. NLOTH, Hell, all of them
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    Don't force me to choose
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    March 30, 1982, San Franciso, October Tour
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    JT2017 - only caught them 7 times this year (58 total)
  • Best U2 Gig
    All of them
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    Rush, Led Zepplin, John Lennon, jeez, I'm old.
  1. No, in my experience with RZ1 and RZ2 - they do not let you go back and forth, but you can access into GA (or so I was able to) if you want a better rail and can run fast.
  2. Totally gutted by the same "correction" email. WTH is happening?? I've done everything by the rules and to have the presale code just yanked is just a clusterf.
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