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  1. Screen tech and visuals

    I'm with you on that...
  2. Screen tech and visuals

    aquinteru and allyson2008, here is a shot of the screen during ISHFWILF. The clarity was incredible. My little camera does not do it justice.
  3. i+e Tour 2015, San Jose, Ca.

    SAP Center, San Jose, Ca. 5-18-15 & 5-19-15
  4. The vibe at JT2017 tour

    It does. At least I saw it in Santa Clara. It was strange.
  5. [EXPLETIVE DELETED] holding cameras up

    I would be very, very happy to trade not knowing the band's setlist until the concert is actually finished, and not seeing videos or photos until the next day or never, if it meant that I could enjoy a show while actually at the show again. Sadly vertigojds, I believe the concert experience some of us (like you & I) have known and loved is a thing of the passed. It has been replaced by something that was started by technology that was supposed to be be helpful--and it probably was--but there was also and intended consequence of all these smart devices, mobile apps and social media: the unending self-promotion. Somewhere along the way, it was no longer about going to a U2 show, but letting it be known that you were at a U2 show. Sure, it was also about sharing your experience with friends and family, but it has also been about getting Likes and growing your base of followers. The nefariousness of this is that it has pervaded everything. We all have been affected by this condition and it has literally changed our behavior. I too am guilty of this as I have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account (no Periscope, though). I originally began taking pictures at U2 shows to have content for my U2 fan blog, and I actually thought that was a good thing. But I missed a good amount of the i+e show because I was too engrossed in taking as many pictures as possible. But you're right, I wasn't pay attention as much as I used to. During the show last Wednesday at Levi's Stadium, it was a little sad to see how many smartphones were raised. You could tell it Bono noticed. I brought my camera and did take pictures (we were at Club Level) but after a certain point, I stopped. I had to force myself to remember why I came to the show in the first place and tell myself I had plenty of pictures. I hope you get to enjoy the show, wherever you see them.
  6. The vibe at JT2017 tour

    I agree that this this show---at least the one at Levi's Stadium--was a little sluggish. It was a dramatic difference from i+e at SAP Center in San Jose in 2015. I was totally looking forward to it ever since tickets went on sale, so I was riding my on high. But a few songs in, I noticed a different vibe (like you said). Bono's stage presence is not as dynamic as I am used to. That said, it was still a good show, well worth the price of admission. The screen is amazing and hearing the whole TJT album was awesome. I'll venture to say that the growing trend of people recording/tweeting/periscoping/live streaming/etc. U2 shows seems to be affecting Bono--and probably the rest of the band--in a weird way. You can see him singing into a sea of raised smartphones and it looks like it's robbing him of enthusiasm. He still tries but it's a little discouraging. The guy's a pro so he doesn't give up, so I tip my hat to him. Anyway, I think that might the way the shows will be from now on, unless they many all technology devices. I'd be fine with that, but I'm an old guy.
  7. [EXPLETIVE DELETED] holding cameras up

    Yes, I remember the No Camera Policy during the PopMart show here in the States as well. I saw them at Oakland Coliseum back '97 (can't believe that makes it 20 years) and I contemplated on sneaking in a disposable camera, but decided against it because I was concerned about getting kicked out and the cameras took lousy pictures.
  8. Yet another CC entry question

    No ID check at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Ca on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.
  9. [EXPLETIVE DELETED] holding cameras up

    StinkyJay, in this particular situation what is tolerated or not, would be up to the band, which includes management and/or the venue. If Bono felt that this ballooning trend of recording/periscoping/tweeting/etc. every single second of the show becomes too much of a distraction, he may do something about it. If he and the band decide that performing into a sea of raised smartphones is stealing from the show’s energy and bans it, I’d be okay with it. Personally, I managed to do fine without it from Joshua tree ’87 to Elevation ’01. I remember snapping a few pictures with my Motorola V551 wireless phone during Vertigo ’05, but it stayed in my pocket nearly the whole night. However by the 360 Tour ’09, I had an iPhone and took many pictures that night. I wanted to have photos from the show and cameras were allowed. I can’t remember when they were allowed, but I always thought the band let fans bring them insteading of prohibiting them. As far as piracy goes, if the band/management decide it is the type piracy that is a problem, I think that may bring this whole social thing to an end at their shows. The public outcry would be big and loud (I’d imagine) and the negative reaction from a part of the population would be something that the band would take into account before instituting any type of ban. Again, it would be okay by me. I’m fine with leaving my phone in the car. I read that Prince prohibited smartphones/recording devices at his shows and was very strict about it. If U2 were to do the same thing it would have to be just as strict. Fans would need to clear a security screening. Folks with phones would need to have them locked up or return them to their cars. Obviously clear instructions would need to provided ahead of time so everyone would know, but there still would be delays. Would this be better? Maybe. It would mean not being able to take pictures with my digital camera, so that would be a bummer. But it wouldn’t stop me from going to a show. Ultimately, I would accept it and adapt. But the only way it would work is a complete ban for the entire tour. I would be more for it than against it.
  10. So... This Joshua Tree Tour Thing...

    Caught the show last night at Levi's Stadium. Our boys put on a good show, but not a great one. I know it takes a while for them to work the kinks out. It was totally awesome to hear all of TJT again and in order. Nice. 30 years later the songs are just as good. I wrote a little piece about it and included some pics. Enjoy! https://achtungninja.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/u2-invades-levis-stadium-spoilers/
  11. [EXPLETIVE DELETED] holding cameras up

    If there is, I have no idea where that would be. But I agree that this whole social media thing is not going anywhere. The best thing to do is try and figure out how to mke peace with it. I'm not a Luddite, but a part of me does long for the days before smartphones and social...but only during U2 shows.
  12. Happy Birthday, Bono! Looking forward to seeing you can the band in Santa Clara!

  13. IMG_2902.JPG

    From the album i+e Tour 2015, San Jose, Ca.

    Had to break out my 30-year-old copy of Rolling Stone to celebrate the B-Man's special day!
  14. We live to see them LIVE

    It's May and all I can think about is the tour. Our lads from Dublin are the best at what they do. They blew my mind nearly thirty years ago (wow) and I'm feeling like that high school kid counting down the days to the show. Tickets are about ten times more than what than what I spent back in 1987, and it doesn't matter. When it comes to a U2 show, I am all in. I wrote a little piece about how they have stayed relevant in their fourth decade of existence. I'd love to hear your thoughts. https://achtungninja.wordpress.com/2017/05/04/all-because-of-you/