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  1. Well, I'm still waiting for the U2 subscription e-mail from Ticketmaster of from whatever source is supposed to send it. Anyway, I just read the little text at the bottom of the email AFTER I made the purchase, which is upsetting (I'm highlighting in red the important info and making the text bigger): Total Charges:  $137.20   Thank you for purchasing a U2.com Subscription. You will receive a separate email from Ticketmaster within 7 business days of your purchase, containing information on how to redeem your membership. Once you receive the email, please register your membership on U2.com, where you can choose between the two package options included in your purchase. If you do not receive your email within the stated time period, or have questions related to your ticket purchase, please call 1-800-653-8000 or email customer_support@ticketmaster.com. I was hoping to use my "code" (for one unused ticket) to join this weekend's pre-sale but no email yet :'(.... and they just have not replied to my email yet asking about it...
  2. Hi, I totally got confused with dates/times so I browsed Ticketmaster and the presale was happening already. So I got in panic, and since there was the option to buy tickets and to pay for the U2 subscription at the same time, I thought that was the best thing to do before the tickets (GA ticket) got pulled by someone else. So I bought just ONE GA ticket for Los Angeles #1 hoping to use "my new subscription/code" to buy ONE more ticket for one of the Phoenix shows. But after buying the ticket for LA, I received the confirmation of the purchase but nothing about my U2 subscription or "my code". So as of now, I'm unable to pull the other ticket for the Phoenix show because I'm literally unsubscribed/non-paid member. Is there anything I can do? I didn't know that I was not going to receive the U2 subscription code nor that it was a "one time" presale purchase... I should have bought two tix for LA instead Thanks.
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