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  1. MUCH LOVE to Boston

  2. dont get angry , but I'm hearing they will be touring only the USA......that's just what i'm hearing
  3. "bob dylan did it , and they filmed it and called it "Hard Rain" and made a movie , and that's what you got right here, so you're all a part of history"

    1. liljbau


      i am broken and defeated, shamed and humiliated ......Achtung CLEARLY is loved more than me , he clearly is the ruler of this thing.....ALL GLORY TO ACHTUNG!!!!

  4. "When life gives you a disco ball lemon spaceship, when it opens walk down the stares in black bubble pants and say "you can reach , but you can't grab it..."

    1. liljbau


      quote by me , by the way :)


    2. All I Want Is You 2
  5. well....hopefully dublin would be on the 2015 lineup....give me more time to save my money.......all the kick ass concerts coming round are KILLIN ME
  6. its not even close anymore .....achtung has obliterated me in this standing / points thing :( .....

    1. Leeny13


      It does help if you post once in a while so there's arrows to be upped.

    2. All I Want Is You 2
  7. im CRUSHED and officially defeated .......tam is now "excellent" on his profile and I am "good"

    1. All I Want Is You 2
    2. liljbau


      the ratings don't go high enough for you , All I Want Is You 2 ....:)

    3. liljbau


      as for the real answer, ME.....you are 0 and neutral


      and , thanks to all the party people for "lifting me up"

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  8. "and i'd join the movement , if there was one i could believe in " (for U2HL)

  9. U.S.S.R., G.D.R., London, New York, Peking. Its the puppets , its the puppet that pull the strings

  10. watchin under a blood red sky last night ...ADAM playin the HELL outta that bass!!! AND backup singing!!

  11. "achtung y'all!!!!!"

    1. All I Want Is You 2
    2. ABaxter


      Same to you, liljbau! Have you been behaving?

    3. liljbau


      define "behaving" :)

  12. wanna thank you once again for being part of our labcoat adventure !!!! everyone loves you and your friend's pix!!!

    1. utwothefly


      Hay! thanks!, had fun doing it! :)

    2. jackpothalls


      Ditto. That friend was me, it was much fun!

  13. HELL YEAH!!!! LOOOOOOVE the photo!!! thanks!!

  14. maybe the mother of our nation should remind us we're sitting too close to ....the television........ground control to major tom

    1. All I Want Is You 2
    2. Achtung75


      Central America means Kansas, right?

    3. liljbau


      awwww yeah , achtung!!! YOU are a "real" fan !!!!

  15. is there a time for asking questions?

  16. anybody remember this?
  17. i went to a restaurant yesterday that davcal had seen on a food show try not to notice the double (triple?) chin i'll be taking davcal and his posse here when he does his St. Louis to Memphis roadtrip
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