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  1. I reached out to Live Nation customer service on Thursday, Jan. 9 about what the 2020 subscription offer is via the contact us form in the Member profile page. Got an automated email saying I'd hear back in 12 hours. As usual, nothing. Mich, Max, Bigwave - has there been **any** new info floating that can be shared? My sub expires Jan. 30. Will there be any announcement by then??
  2. It's been fun - got to get kids up in an hour for school. Here's to more sleepless nights over the next few weeks.
  3. It was played on 360 Tour: https://www.atu2.com/tours/concert/mt-smart-stadium-auckland-nov-26-2010
  4. "Sometimes I wake at four in the morning - When all the darkness is swarming" - it's 3:50 a.m. where I'm at, and it's time for Shadowman. Coincidence?
  5. Did someone at Maverick clone Bono and cryogenically freeze him in 2017 and thaw him out for 2019? His shtick and banter has been almost spot on from 2017, in some cases almost word-for-word.
  6. someone call a cardiologist. It's 3 a.m. and my body's never had aerobics this early before. Gosh, STREETS WAS AMAZEBALLS
  7. Any idea if any of the tour merch will be available in the U2 Shop? Need some xmas gifts!
  8. It took forever for me to figure out in 1997 that the opening song (or 2nd to last opening song) was Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. In 2001, it used to be "Mama, just can't get enough" from New Radicals -- but that only lasted like two gigs in, then it changed. Now, all those opening songs come on the radio and it brings me back to that particular tour and the warm fuzzies about it all. I still pop on Seasons by Future Islands to bring me back to 2018 and the 1st leg of the tour. Good times!
  9. What was explained to Bigwave to share on the podcast was not the case, so he was given bad information, imho. Some legit fan club members were accused of being a scalper when they called Ticketmaster / Live Nation about the fan club code issue. The U2.com Verified Subscriber presale language did not include the Ticketmaster Verified presale language - thus the confusion regarding the "random selection." This signals to me that whoever with U2.com responsible for that text was not aware of what Verified Fan really meant, nor mirrored that text. Ultimately, the Verified Fan rules are Ticketmaster's, so just because U2.com didn't list the fine print, the sale is still subject to the fine print of the one doing the sale - which is Ticketmaster. This is where some of the confusion and, ultimately disappointment is based.
  10. Everything atu2 has been doing has been through Twitter right now. Fan stories have been shared via Twitter. My initial post here was originally shared on the atu2 twitter feed as official reporting. The presales have yet to conclude, information is still being gathered and an article will be written soon.
  11. I have that question out there too - what happens for added shows? Do we have to go through all of this again??? So far, no reply - presumably because they're still figuring this set of shows out. I find it difficult to believe they're only doing 1 night in key cities like Chicago, LA, Boston and NYC.
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