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  1. Sherry

    Customs Duty

    I tossed this out to folks on my Twitter acct and received many replies. When the subscriber GIFT is sent, it's labeled as merchandise on the customs form. A gift is a gift, right? For many years subscribers in Europe have had to pay customs fees on the "free" gift - sometimes higher than the cost of the subscription as Live Nation puts the value higher than the cost of the subscription given the type of gift it is. (Book / Vinyl / Posters). None of this is disclosed at the time of the subscription. A gift is a gift and therefore there should be no customs fees incurred as it is a gift. I've heard from fans in the UK who have purchased tour merchandise from the U2com shop and have to pay customs fees as high as £18.85 on top of £18.95 p+p. Once again, customs fees were not disclosed at the time of the purchase in the U2com shop. Others have responded to say that this has been going on for years and wonder why there isn't a European distribution centre for the goods. While I'm in the U.S. and this isn't an issue for me, I am upset that other fans are having to pay customs duties for things that they really shouldn't have to...and for goods that they might need to, that it isn't disclosed at the time of purchase by Live Nation's merchandise department. I'm glad that @nickharv has started this thread. As the next subscriber GIFT will be coming in the next month or so, I'm hoping we can get Live Nation's distribution department to change the label on the shipments to indicate the item as a GIFT and not as merchandise. It is labeled as a GIFT in the fine print of the news article: "A limited edition double CD & digital release capturing the i+e Tour and the e+i Tour is the 2019 special gift for Subscribers." ( - as it is a gift, customs duty should not be applied! I hope the ZooMods can send this up the chain with the hopes that something can be done about it. Thanks again for starting the thread!
  2. What was explained to Bigwave to share on the podcast was not the case, so he was given bad information, imho. Some legit fan club members were accused of being a scalper when they called Ticketmaster / Live Nation about the fan club code issue. The Verified Subscriber presale language did not include the Ticketmaster Verified presale language - thus the confusion regarding the "random selection." This signals to me that whoever with responsible for that text was not aware of what Verified Fan really meant, nor mirrored that text. Ultimately, the Verified Fan rules are Ticketmaster's, so just because didn't list the fine print, the sale is still subject to the fine print of the one doing the sale - which is Ticketmaster. This is where some of the confusion and, ultimately disappointment is based.
  3. Everything atu2 has been doing has been through Twitter right now. Fan stories have been shared via Twitter. My initial post here was originally shared on the atu2 twitter feed as official reporting. The presales have yet to conclude, information is still being gathered and an article will be written soon.
  4. I have that question out there too - what happens for added shows? Do we have to go through all of this again??? So far, no reply - presumably because they're still figuring this set of shows out. I find it difficult to believe they're only doing 1 night in key cities like Chicago, LA, Boston and NYC.
  5. I agree with this - unless you have an active hand in the day-to-day, you would just assume what you're being told is OK. I feel Larry will speak out on this in the coming days...they'll have to. This is right up there with 2005. There are too many entities involved, though - under McGuinness, he ran a tight ship with regard to this. With Live Nation, you have to have LN talking to TM who has to talk to Maverick who has to talk with band "representatives" before the band themselves get involved. There's plenty of finger pointing - but at the end of the day, it's the fans who got screwed...again.
  6. We are doing something right now - we're doing our best to get up the chain of command with as many fan stories, as many examples and the like to let them know this is as bad - or worse - than 2005. We can't fix what has happened, but we're working hard to find an amenable agreement about it. The band's PR is notified, and we're doing what we can. There's nothing we can report on right now.
  7. You can only work with the information given. Many people were given misinformation - that's why there's so many of us trying to figure it all out. I don't believe that TM/Live Nation was transparent with or the fanclub representatives what it all means. Remember - this is the 1st time U2's gone Verified Fan route...for the whole tour! It's possible that you don't know what you don't know, and the right questions weren't asked until it was too late. We're all in this experiment together.
  8. My's all in the fine print of "Verified Fan" and my sincere belief that if we were assigned a presale group that meant we were verified. In reading Can I register for other Verified Presales if I participate in the Verified Subscriber Presale, like Verified Citi and Verified Fan? Yes, you may register for the other Presales in addition to the Verified Subscriber Presale. Please note, registration does not guarantee you will be verified, receive a code, or have the ability to purchase tickets through the other Presales. Note: "Does not guarantee you will be verified." In reading Am I guaranteed tickets if I get a #VerifiedFan code? If you have been randomly selected to receive a code it will unlock the ability to access tickets. However, tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed. Note: "If you have been randomly selected to receive a code...." This is new to subscribers, and unless you actively researched this OCD-style (like I have), you wouldn't have connected the dots here that the Verified Fan system was a lottery. How is that lottery chosen? According to Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan was designed to separate actual, human fans from bots and scalpers. The system aims to thwart bad actors who are in the business of taking away tickets from fans just so they can resell them. Our technology analyzes every registrant to make sure they are real people interested in going to the show. Please note: Registering does NOT guarantee you will be verified, receive a code or have the ability to purchase tickets. So, looking at this, it was an algorithm used by Ticketmaster that determined if "you've got the gifts to get me through the gates of that mansion." The algorithm apparently didn't take into account number of years of loyalty to, number of U2 concert tickets you've purchased through your TM account, if you've bought stuff through the fan shop, or the like. Not sure what the algorithm it was! But good people, loyal to U2 for decades were shut out of the ticket buying for this tour. Is that how the band truly wants to reward it's loyal of loyals? Is this how the band wants their legacy to be remembered - by letting a computer algorithm determine the legitimacy of their fan base? This is absurd! So, yeah - the fans who were shut out don't have a leg to stand on at the moment, and I can understand why the mods are having to dig out of a backlog longer than they've ever had to do before becuase it wasn't crystal clear to the fan club what it all meant - that we were entering a LOTTERY system through verification. That having an assigned presale group wasn't the confirmation...that setting up your account wasn't enough. That in some cases, being a member of the fanclub since its inception online wasn't enough. It's a tough pill to swallow and it's justified. This is why people like myself kept asking questions - this is why @bigwave came on our ATU2 podcast to answer questions. This is why we questioned...everything....! And still, we're facing this situation which, quite frankly, is worse than 2005 because this time it wasn't the scalpers who kept the loyal fans out of the concert - it was Ticketmaster themselves with their algorithms. It's not a perfect system, but it shut out some very good, loyal people who have traveled the world to see this band - and who most likely will be forced to pay a scalper for their tickets. In this way, the statement of "U2 cares about their fans and they are committed to making every effort possible towards getting tickets into the hands of fans only." hurts more than ever to so many shut out of the process.
  9. Can't frame them just yet, but they do look gorgeous on the wall. The embossed tour logo on them is a nice 3D touch. Love them!
  10. Sherry

    Paris Shows 3 And 4 #U2ieTour Live Thread

    It's been an amazing 8 months everyone - thank you to all of the Zoo Mods for keeping us updated and engaged throughout the tour. This has been a very fulfilling experience as a fan this time around to have so many people working hard on the mixlr, periscope, meerkat and other streams to allow those not at the show to feel like they are. The fact that U2 has embraced social media this time around and didn't discourage fans from streaming is a huge thank you to us fans - it's been an incredible run and I am so glad to have been able to be a part of it with all of you. I can't thank the U2 Community enough for making the Innocence + Experience tour so special.
  11. Any further info on where the answers will be posted? Twitter? Snapchat? Thanks! ~Sherry
  12. Thanks so much for the support! Anyone under 18 needs to be with a chaperone for the evening. We have limited tickets remaining at the door - best to buy online at the link listed above. We're also proud to be supporting The African Well Fund at the event too - there will be a contribution made to them from the ticket sales. We hope to see you there, and if you can't be...a little birdie tells me that we may have a special Crystal Ballroom periscope at it, but we won't know until showtime.
  13. My 52nd and 53rd U2 shows were nights one and two. This was my 3rd opening night/2nd night combo (1st being Elevation tour, 2nd being Vertigo tour), and I knew full well that night one was going to see a reserved and cautious band performing in front of the world's music media. Night 2 always has a better vibe than night 1. Most called night 1 great and night 2 outstanding, which is how U2 concert tours usually flow. I won't see the tour again in person until July, which is when the production will have grown into itself and I'll look back at nights 1 and 2 and think "yeah, those were great shows - but now it's epic." That said, I came to Vancouver with an agenda. For the past 2 years, my personal life had been torn apart by my son's school system who refused to understand the type of disability he has, causing great mental and emotional harm to him while it almost broke our family. I've written about it in some of my articles on I relied heavily on U2's music to help me through that nightmare, and only now have I begun to deal with the rage and the heartbreak that it has caused our family. I went to Vancouver to try to find some healing from it all, to lose myself in the music and the message and to reconnect with a joyful experience. I had forgotten what sheer joy felt like. Reading and listening to the interviews the band and production crew gave, I was able to better understand the genesis of the show. That took some pressure off of me in trying to make heads or tails out of it. While I was there with a group of about 20 friends and hundreds of acquaintances, I was able to zone directly into the show. Bono's "mind mess" merged with mine, and slowly connections began being made and healing began. Here I am in an arena with 17,000 others having an emotional breakthrough, and I wasn't embarrassed to be giving into the pain, hurt and anger through the tears. I placed myself in the shoes of Iris, thinking about my 8 year old son and wondered how he'd turn out if I was no longer in his life. It gutted me. I thought about my 6-year old daughter looking silly in photographs, walking unafraid during "City Of Blinding Lights" and realizing just how precious her innocence is. The experience my family went through over the past 2 years tried to rob me of my joy, breaking my self-confidence in a way where I could have let my anger get the best of me. That was my secret hidden addiction - anger - and when Bono whispered "Let it go" at the end of Bad, I felt that forgiveness wash through me in such a way that I knew Spirit was working overtime within me. I'm glad I videotaped that performance for atu2, because each time I've watched it (and it's been at least three dozen times now), it digs deeper in my soul and is mending me. As exhausted as I am from the late nights and covering the tour for atu2, I feel a renewal that I haven't felt in a long time. I've come to peace with the journey that our family was forced to take for the past 2 years with our son. I'm happy to say that through a lot of effort and hard work, he's recovered from the PTSD symptoms he had due to the school treatment. I'm also happy to say that we've taken a page out of Bono's book on activism and have worked within our community and our state to change the laws on how school districts can treat children...and I know our work is not done yet. Had it not been for Bono's activism inspiration, I might not have had the courage to do what we've done to change things in my state. This is why when he said at the start of Vancouver 2, "It’s just an amazing thing. Whatever’s going on, it’s a phenomenon equal to what’s going on on stage is what’s going on in the crowd, the U2 crowd. Very special people," I can relate to that. Many in the Vancouver audience has a story of inspiration. Being able to be part of that synergy where the collective transcends the experience is what a U2 show is all about. Very few knew my personal agenda for being in Vancouver. I knew that if anything or anyone was going to kickstart my emotional healing, it would be U2. They paid me back in spades, and for that I am grateful. My family thanks them because I needed to find myself again...and unlike the closer from night 1, I did find what I was looking for...and then some. I've found that you need to embrace the moment you're in right now. "Time won't leave me as I am, time won't take the boy out of this man" serves as a reminder to not lose oneself, and no matter how much of an emotional wreck I was during the song, I still heard "Oh, you look so beautiful tonight" - authenticity...can't hide behind a fake shell. Take the pain, the grief and the anguish and let it go. So, thanks, U2. For the next month, I'm going to sort out my "mind mess" so when I see you again in Boston, I'll be prepared to dig even deeper. You have a way about doing that...and for that, my family thanks you as well.
  14. Will there be an official hashtag for each show, or are we using #U2ieTour...or the shorter #U2ie? Want to make sure we're all going by the same hashtag to follow along or to add to social content.
  15. Part of this problem was that people who have been down this path before were accustomed to the way things worked for previous tours and had prepared for it. When the rule changed about the ticket limits *and* the different address/credit card at the last minute, people who bought fanclub subscriptions under the rules of old were thrown a loop. *UNLESS* you read the fine print and spent a great deal of time understanding the way this was going to go down, then it's reasonable to believe that this would happen. The band gave less than 48 hours notice about the presales, and then didn't have a clear announcement as to how it was going to happen - what did they expect? The FAQ kept getting updated, so what you read hours earlier could have changed - that didn't give the consumer a great deal of time to fully understand the process. I commend the Zootopia Mods for stepping in and trying to help as many people as possible. This was *not* an ideal rollout for anyone. We just had to weather the storm of information overload and figuring it all out. Heck - there was a period of time where TM didn't have the same info had, so the right arm wasn't aware of what the left was doing. This also led to TM blaming instead of taking responsibility for their own action. I hope this makes you feel a little better and less disillusioned. You weren't the only one this happened to.