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  1. I know this is an early announcement, but I can't imagine U2 not playing a Toronto date, or Ottawa or a Montreal weekend date...Toronto is closest, I am willing to drive a bit but I know work won't fit the only Canadian date any idea if more dates are to come?
  2. At 360 I remember just walking down and around the stage to get between catwalks...not super early at all
  3. Hi there anyone have suggestions for how early to get good spots on floor? Best location?
  4. Hi there, I have tickets for Toronto date in 2 weeks, on previous tours I lined up at 6 for doors at 7 and was in a great ga location,what are people saying about lining up.... I have a 2 hour drive to get to Toronto. graham
  5. Okay so today there should be no reason for me not to get tickets. I have been on since 8:55 am refreshing my browser closing any other open windows redoing capture codes to prove I am not a robot - and each time I get "Sorry unable to process please try again later" Worst presale experience ever
  6. strange though it looks like I can buy seats today just not GA- are you sure that mine is for tomorrow only?
  7. Ok I feel stupid now, sorry about all that- thanks for the info though. G
  8. Hi Marcus and others I have been refreshing for 60 minutes and it is doesn't say "sold out" yet for GA, are you being asked for "an offer code is required to purchase this seat, please enter it above" I enter the only code provided and it appears to go back to the original spot again.
  9. well I appreciate the reply, my code should be valid as it unlocks other parts just not GA. Strange to me...I just renewed though I was a member many times before...
  10. I tried my code and it won't unlock Gen admission, but it will open for other seats. I wanted GA. To my knowledge there has never been a separate code for GA, and it is not sold out unlike red zone area...
  11. Your code starts wiith U2JTA? Hi Max, yes I have a code that starts that way, and unlocks all but the RED HILL offers. I can zoom in on seating, it says red zone is sold out, when I click on the GA part of the map it says to enter a code, I enter the only code I have been provided with and it does nothing. Totally disappointed.
  12. I just logged on today for Toronto and it is asking for a code - the only code I have unlocked VIP tickets from what I can tell, when I click on General Admission, itasks for a code I entered the same code and it wont do anything.... HELP [EDIT: DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFO LIKE EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBERS IN THE BOARD. THANKS]
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