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  1. The U2 song that saved your life

    I got carried away by The Book of Your Heart. I was almost... well very ready to leave this band behind but those fuckers made a song like that. It is a very very good song. My humble opinion of U2 and maybe another album...this is a good start where is the truth and the strength and something else now when they are over sinatra.frank. they might stick even more to the book of the heart and beyond. Ballads and sincerity, they can do that, it does not really have to be uplifting when you are 60 but with all that U2 have and are capable of, what I think, they just crush it, if they make in the next three years a kind of "I did it my way" album but better cos they can and it is crucial. Over Johnny Cash Hurt. All of us are here. We are here really.
  2. Have had so many by this band. Surprised it still got to me. 13. Book of Your Heart. Little Things. Every Breaking Wave One. And others. I hope the band really and truly understand sometimes sometimes they are real live savers, the world is now very harsh and difficult and bands like this (back to 13 crucial lyrics) some people search the comfort in music in impossible conditions and really worrying world wide attitudes. For me as a U2 fan it is more over amazing they still are down to earth maybe cos they know their roots i dont know but when things are getting tough and we have had enough some songs are really ... an universe. Thank you U2 for being and singing an universe.
  3. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Book Of Your Heart, 13, Little Things - U2 as raw and sincere as they can nowadays. Happy with these three out of thirteen (too many I could not listen to through after 20 seconds) but yes, I think I still can follow them - but just a bit! - cos of those three.
  4. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Great to see many really can like this album even love well I love them as a bunch of guys and a great band in the eye of eternity but this album like the previous is just not at all my cup of tea. Little Things a real song (+ 13 + Book Of Your Heart - these three altogether is the new way and very very good) and how funny, it is originally from All That You Cant Leave Behind -days. Otherwise Bono sounds utterly sadly a bit fake I mean the 1st song wtf?! is that and the lyrics and how he tries and tries but... and the sound of the album is just no good. Have not bought their records After No Line in Horizon and even though last night in tears watching The Joshua Tree tour 17 in Dublin (why, cos I kinda love them as a bunch of professionals and personalities and the path I loved the music too they produced. And the crowd ) I am no more very interested in general of this kind of stuff and sound they bring out. And I am not sure if they really are either.
  5. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Little Things and Blackout are just fine and oh, 13 is wonderful have been listening to it a couple of evenings now the song of the album I think otherwise Desire... can be red Retire?
  6. U2 MTV Presents

    It looked good, Trafalgar Square, Bonos jacket etc. and the songs were okay and I think they could retire after all it cannot ever reach anymore the hights and we all know that it is natural and basic the new songs are okay but something has been lackin for a decade the scene of 360 was clever in many ways amazing also cos it hid the not so young band it was easy for them to hide in there fans are not lacking that is certain but unfortunately nowadays I see no reason I mean yes, nice to be an elder we go strong! band but for me that is not U2 enymore OR okay, maybe U2 will now on continue as a mature kinda eagles and country gray band okay I fell disgusted they´ll go elvis or any stuff like that and lately I have felt they do there is a difference of a sense of passion and a sense of trying to be passionate and for a passionate band like U2 have been it is obviously a bit tuff for a fan to figure out like in every great band and it does not really matter nothing really matters, anyone can see, nothing really matters, nothing really matters, to me
  7. No I havent and I dont want to see cactuses I want to see great live bands have seen U2 and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in London O2 the cactus and the song again in Prague one of the best rock songs ever incl. a story for Jubilee Line, London
  8. U2 MTV Presents

    Yes, it was something to see indeed. London... London. However I was not convinced of the new songs they are lame sorry to say The Little Things is so far far beyond all the others so far why? cos it rings true and honest and with u2 (and some other bands) that is the only thing I am interested in. However looks like Bono has a very nice jacket and a better hair color too is it only me who sees there is something wrong there Dont know global icons yes sure they are they are but it takes two minutes we are all gone. Lovely they fight against it! And London
  9. No way have been lucky enough to get to some (not many) gigs no money for extra cactus sight seeings.
  10. It was my 1st ever big band gig abroad even though then I felt old and very mature and finally traveling to a U2 gig after all these years the experience was ok but in comparison with some other shows later minor cos we did not get close to the stage at all this year I skipped the Joshua Tree anniversary tour and when it started I saw the first clips in YouTube this Easter at my childhood house had just lost a little cat a family member called Heart and took a look at this show and... then Still Havent Found What Im Looking For (which i really love and have heard in very precious places) with the tree canvas emerged. It really hit me and what is amazing exactly at the same time I looked out of the window there were four squirrels just playing around the tree, full of joy, chasing, playing, have never seen such a show and I was sure it was U2 in my tree at my childhood house
  11. U2 MTV Presents

    MTV it is still existing ?! i remember the enduring nights of 1983 at home looking for Sunday Bloody Sunday to turn up again the only song that had some real meaning and New Years Day but well yea secretly curious just curious is there something interesting they play out loud or maybe not we'll see a wonderful stage however in the heart of London
  12. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    All this fuzz here feels crazy what a mess i care only they will play at Trafalgar Square soon lovely cos I love London and guess what I love U2 and someone somewhere wrote there might be a Krakow show looking forward to the European leg that combination of E&I and Krakow would be interesting (have seen U2 Dublin U2 Istanbul U2 Helsinki U2 Stockholm) cos that is a very special place have been there twice recently it is a deep little city
  13. The Hype

    Thank you for cheering up with the village people!
  14. u2 song of the day

    Stay - faraway, so close PS. Tonight I shall check out this whole thread through and already found something have not seen earlier! Yahweh. A Celebration! How can it be. Now I am totally gone what a song and how come I have not seen this --- --- red trousers! the jail, the coolest guitarist and that wild joy in B's eyes. Yes!! With you whoever you are at a gig this evening, celebration . Special thanks joshthetree great clips indeed
  15. U2 Rose Bowl 2017

    Oh dear I believe you, just watched it the first 20 and 2 minutes, the sound and the band seriously in fit, fills my heart here far away on a Friday night. Lucky you to see them live!