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  1. vertigirl1984

    Dublin eXPERIENCE pre-sale - TM says 10am, says 9am...

    Hi! Can anybody post here the prices for each sector? i know GA costs 89€
  2. vertigirl1984


    there are too many innocence codes around and no tickets available! Too many people subscribed after tour announcement and that's not fair. It shouldn't be possible!
  3. vertigirl1984

    second / third shows and pre-sales? (MERGED)

    Thank you guys, sorry!
  4. vertigirl1984

    second / third shows and pre-sales? (MERGED)

    " subscribers who have not yet used their unique presale ticket code will be able to enter a presale for these shows later this week - information will be emailed, tomorrow, Tuesday" This phrase i don't fully understand: never used or used to buy less than 4 tickets?
  5. vertigirl1984

    second / third shows and pre-sales? (MERGED)

    If i bought 2 tickets with my code, can i use it again to buy 2 tickets for a second show announced today?
  6. vertigirl1984

    Ticketmaster uk billing

  7. vertigirl1984

    Ticketmaster uk billing

    problem is i didn't even see the international shipping option. It wasn't there.
  8. vertigirl1984

    Ticketmaster uk billing

    Hi, i tried to buy 4 GAs for London this morning. After a while i managed to get 4 tickets in my basket but couldn't buy them because it didn't show me the international shipping option (only Uk or northern Ireland available) and i couldn't even change the Country of my credit card. So i didn't buy tickets, i don't have tickets and i couldn't use my code :'( Why??