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  1. LuckyTCB

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    When you buy the deluxe CD through the story aren't you supposed to get a digital download as well? I haven't gotten an email with the credentials.
  2. Does anybody know what the GA procedure at Arrowhead will be? Primarily where will the lineup start and will people be allowed to come and check in and leave as they have on past tours, or will I need to camp out all day? Thank you!
  3. LuckyTCB

    GA Procedure

    Oh and does anybody know and if they're doing a check in system or do you have to stay the entire time?
  4. LuckyTCB

    GA Procedure

    Since the lots aren't opening until 2 p.m. on the day of the show, where is everybody parking?