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  1. "All systems?" "Check!" preperations have been completed. crew are making thier final calculations and preperatiolns for launch. "Commence countdown." And I'll forever have this image! in my mind...!
  2. Another special night on U2360° 2009 in Olde Boston Town! Even more so when the band have the unexpected arrival and onstage appearance of an old friend! Where's my limousine.
  3. On this night we witnessed something special - nothing that hadn’t been done to this song before but rather the beautiful way that even with the 360° beast in full flight soaring to its ultimate destination the band and their amazing production team can still change course and work outside of the rehearsed version of things. From the circle we saw and heard Bono's instructions and I understood his intention immediately. He'd selected his siren positioned her opposite on the bridge in-front of The Edge then made his way to Adam’s bridge. Not completely down with what he wanted she began to move and through the music she was able to hear him "stay there, you stay there". Bono was opposite, reaching out for her and between lyrics calling to the engine room for ramming speed “bridges, c’mon, bridges”. In the final seconds of the song the bridges began to come together and the symbolism complete. He had Piloted the show like a Starship Captain. We the audience, breathless and euphoric in the knowledge we'd seen the conception of another U2 masterpiece in the flesh. Amazing!
  4. A long time ago... in a far far away... galaxy... Croke! It does seem like forever since I took that image but, and but is a word that negates, BUT it was yesterday at Croke Park that I met Mick at the B&B and Clarendon who trusted me to trade hard ticket for the promise of the same. The story goes: we travelled from Oz. Had ticks for seats way, away, in the stand for that first nght. I insisted and I wanted something to remember and looked for GA here. found them. [MORE TO COME]
  5. Tampa was very hot. And not just the band but the fans sizzled too.
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