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  1. As of a few minutes ago it was 80% chance of rain on Saturday and 70% chance of rain on Sunday. Thunderstorms on Saturday. I think they are both going to be long nights. Get lots of rest folks you're going to need it.
  2. legally they were supposed to offer accessible seating in the presale. it is in the ADA documents. they did not offer them. also, in order to get accessible seating, i have to request them by EMAIL and wait for a response! That is also illegal as we are supposed to have the same access to the entire process as those lucky enough not to need them. there is an entire section about it.
  3. i did look for such seats and there are none. I requested them through the TM phone app and the reply screen said they are not offering accessible seating for this event. i know my way around such things. of course, being at a show in a chair is not very much fun...
  4. As a fan of 33 years with MS i often need a wheelchair for events. I inquired about Accessible seating and Ticketmaster said they were NOT OFFERING ANY ACCESSIBLE SEATING. I also checked the map for accessible seating and none showed up. This is a VIOLATION of the ADA. (Americans With Disabilities Act). Legally they must accommodate anyone with a disability since they are a public place of business. How am i supposed to walk all the way around a venue when i cannot walk more than 50 feet without resting? How am i supposed to stand for a show if i cannot stand for more than 20 minutes? I am outraged by this and i will be emailing LiveNation, Ticketmaster and the United Center. This is discrimination pure and simple. Alli want is to see my band one more time before i can't do so anymore. Why is it so difficult?
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