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  1. ok, I had carefully scheduled my travel this summer to go to Berlin 1 with my son, and Berlin 2 with my daughter. I live in China..... GA for both. for the second night I managed to be for the first time ever in front of Adam (I play bass) - sooo excited to not seeing China right in front of me, but Adam Clayton. See picture. My schedule is crazily busy and due to the distance, I can only do two shows this tour (actually and the last one, as I lived under a desert sky before. But then the date was announced in the one and only week where I was toying with the idea of seeing the lights of home in Berlin before Xmas. It must be fate!! A sort of homecoming, indeed. Now I have booked the flight from Shanghai to Berlin. You can call it madness, love or dedication or all the above. My wife thinks it’s the first. Let's hope I can get to that spot again. Still processing images, but you can find some from night one here and night 2 here . Happy to share more. We can't wait now for the November.
  2. Hi BigWave and Jahorro- great work here by the way and good to see you all in action again. One thing worth clarifying is the camera policy. It says on Joe's Guide that SLRs with less than a 2'' lens will be allowed, and then no SLRs with detachable lenses. Still got some time to go until Cologne, which will be this years only shows, but typically, I have been planning to take my slr (as before) with a small prime lense (pancake) which is below 2''. I am sure other are in the same boat. With mobile phones everywhere (and some have higher pixel counts than my 7d!) I think it would be good to have this clarified. Its pretty clear we won't bring the 70-200 (although this would be fun). Obviously its all about the music, but I personally love to take some decent images, so would love to have the 2'' policy around this amazing tour. Thanks!
  3. twoshots

    So did anyone get tickets yet?

    hannele - it was all done in one transaction.
  4. twoshots

    So did anyone get tickets yet?

    Yes, I used eventim, which is used for the German concerts. You put one ticket in the Basket, and continue shopping - that was the second one. It was really straightforward. I hope Ticketmaster works for you guys too! Just hope they send the Mobile ticket to my far flung base!
  5. twoshots

    So did anyone get tickets yet?

    Cologne worked nicely - split between two shows. Just waiting for the delivery on my mobile. Kudos to the U2 team on making this hassle free.