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  1. lizhanglao2

    Los Angeles Live Thread #U2eiTour

    How early did folks arrive this morning (or last night)? What is the system -- writing down numbers with a Sharpie and a book like usual? Does the Forum give out wristbands so you can leave for a few hours and come back?
  2. I have 2 extra tickets for the San Diego show tonight.  Section LF38, Row 4. Looking for what I paid for them ($324 each).  These are amazing seats just off the field.  You'd need to walk in with me into the stadium since they're tied to my credit card.  PM me if you are interested.  Thanks!

  3. My friends backed out and I have 2 extra tickets for tonight's show. Section LF38, Row 4 -- looking for what I paid for them (about $324 each), but hitch is that the tickets are tied to my credit card, so you would need to meet up and walk in together before the show. Anyone interested? If so, PM me. Thanks!