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  1. Yes! Got them - happy days!!
  2. The countdown has continued - 59 mins to go for Dublin??
  3. So basically, if I do not want to use my code for the US leg and am waiting on European dates, I do not have to do anything before Sunday? It would be nice to have some definitive statement on the website or even a note in the numerous emails I am receiving telling me that I must take action by Sunday in order to access to presales. All it would take is to add "US" before presales!
  4. KazzyL

    Things To Do in Dublin

    Theres a Hot Press U2 covers exhibition in Temple Bar cant remember exactly where but a quick google should bring it up!
  5. KazzyL

    Christy Dignam - fingers crossed!!

    Now that would be amazing!
  6. Love it Stevieob!! Roll on tonight!
  7. still available Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.04.59.png Thanks bigwave, apols only replying now had to leg it once i got my tickets! only worked going through u2.com, once got on there had no issues at all!!
  8. KazzyL


    I had the same problem was on Ticketmaster for 9:00 and it went straight to no tickets available. I then went to U2.com and clicked the Croke Park link from there and it brought me to the ticketmaster site and it worked fine, got my tickets!
  9. I got pitch 2 about 9:10, had been caught by ticketmaster not showing any tickets at 9:00, got them straight away after I moved to u2.com. At least the presale codes worked this time not like the problems we had for I+E!!
  10. KazzyL

    Tickets in yet?

    Went to U2.com and clicked link from there, got my pitch 2 standing tickets - happy days!!
  11. Croke Park loaded with no tickets available GA at 9am - how?? Didn't even get as far as presale code
  12. KazzyL


    I also found the guys on the other end of the phone very helpful, I also wasn't on hold for very long. When I went to Ticketmaster there did seem to be tickets available. Thanks to the mods here also.
  13. KazzyL


    I just rang U2.com (thank you Joe OLeary hadn't thought of that!) and got a new code it worked and I got two tickets, there did seem to be availability (I just took what I was given, happy to be in the door). Hopefully everyone gets sorted. Good Luck!
  14. KazzyL


    Saw a post early on about clearing cache, I've tried 3 browsers, cleared my cache, restarted my laptop, downloaded the ticketmaster app onto my phone and the code still doesn't work!
  15. KazzyL


    Joe I got the email but my code is not working (I know it off by heart at this stage!!), very frustrating, especially when you see tickets up for resale already.