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  1. Called Ticketmaster regarding Wells Fargo Center Tickets. They said despite being linked from Ticketmaster you have to go through Well Fargo for the Album. Wells Fargo won't answer the phone. Beyond frustrated with the whole Experience, maybe I should sell my tickets. What positive Experience can come from listening to the CD and attending the show after all the BS U2 have put the fans through for this tour?
  2. Same here. Ticketmaster or not, it was said all tickets on the tour would include the cd. We paid the same price. CD comes out tomorrow and no email. This has been a mess on every level. I was planning to buy the deluxe anyhow, but this is all just a big FU ro the fans.
  3. Just checked Philly night one... tickets available at most price levels other than GA. Some were actually decent views. Not single seats either. This is 3 days after General sale. Between the pricing and verified system this is a total backfire. U2 and management have overestimated their current demand by a mile. Now they have alienated many die hard fans. Maybe Macphisto should come back to hand out some Bono dollars.
  4. It looks like the 2nd Montreal show is the only show you can verify for at this point. Nothing else sold out, and how can it since people can't verify. What a stupid mess.
  5. I got an innocence presale code that I could not use. Needed GA if only 2 tix. I signed up for the general and got and code and was able to get 3 seats. Uppers at 106 each. No way was I paying anything more for this show.
  6. 8:18 am just got the code. Kind of like a stay of execution. Now to see if I can get tickets at sale time. I am cautiously optomistic.
  7. I got the email last night, but two hours prior to on sale time have passed...and still no text with code. More crap from this fiasco of a sale. I don't know if I care anymore. Maybe I am better off moving on. U2 don't give a crap about the fans.
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