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  1. Hello. I'm going to MSG tonight and was wondering...Is there an opening act? The tickets say the show starts at 8pm and during the "Innocence" tour I know there was no opener. Without sharing any details about the show, can you tell me only what time U2 go on stage? Thank you.
  2. But why couldn't you just take the tickets you have for $329 and get better $329 tickets?
  3. Very cool of you to announce. Where did you see them? Online or through the app?
  4. Thank you to all. On your tickets was the show time listed as 7pm or 7:30pm? For NJ it's listed at 7pm so was wondering if The Lumineers were going on at 7pm.
  5. Without giving ANYTHING away about the show, can you please tell me what time U2 takes the stage? Thanks.
  6. Hello my U2 friends... I bought (4) great seats through the fan club in section 135, row 3 for U2 at Metlife stadium on 6/28. My wife and I are using (2) of the tickets and thought friends were going to go with us, but now alas...We have (2) extra. Also these are the (4) seats just off the aisle, so although my wife called "shotgun" on the 2 aisle seats (she's newly pregnant ), you'd have the next 2 over. Obviously just want face value for the tickets which is $315 each (all in price with all fees) so $630 total. Happy to show you whatever makes you comfortable that the tickets are legit. In fact you will be sitting with us so really just looking for 2 nice/cool people who love U2 as much as we do. Anyway if you are serious/interested please PM as I'm looking to get rid of the tickets as soon as possible so I don't have to think about it. They are the credit card entry so looking for payment before, and if you're in the NYC area happy to meet you in person if you'd like. On the day of the show since we have to go in together would love to meet up in advance so we're all relaxed going in to the show. Basically I would love these tickets to go to two great fans like us so we can all have a great time. Look forward to hearing from you, Matt P.S. If you write I would appreciate if you didn't tell me ANYTHING about the show. I love seeing my concerts "blind" as I love the surprise of not knowing what's coming next. To me it's like if you knew the end of Shawshank before you saw it, it would change your experience of it. I love experiencing everything "the first time" if you know what I mean. Thanks.
  7. Is that 100% true? What about day of the show at the venue if better seats open up? And how will that work now with CC entry? From the Ticketmaster website. Worth a shot. ExchangesDon't suffer from seat envy. If you see seats you prefer that are the same price or higher for your event, call 800-653-8000 to exchange the ones you have and just pay the difference, if any. One exchange per person, per event. We can't refund or exchange tickets for events that are less than 7 days away, and we can't refund or exchange resale ticket purchases for Fan-to-Fan Resale events. Some non-participating venues (and artists, teams, etc.) have a "no refunds or exchanges" policy. But if the event is close and you can't make it, we'll do everything we can to help. Contact us! Thank you CMitch. Very cool of you. You might now see me both the heck out of TM as a result. :-)
  8. Is that 100% true? What about day of the show at the venue if better seats open up? And how will that work now with CC entry?
  9. Bigwave - I don't even think you'll be able to sell/transfer tickets bought during the regular onsale next week.
  10. Thanks. I thought of the same thing, but... 1. What if they don't let my friends in? 2. At minimum we will have to wait on long security lines twice. Just truly a pain this all is. I'd really love to here from U2 directly on this. All of a sudden they're SOOO concerned with scalping that they go to these lengths? Seem like something else is up - Like a security issue so they can track all orders? Whatever it is, the lot of us who continue to do the right thing are punished.
  11. should be ok, but cc holder for each crd would need to be present for that set of tickets... if that makes sense I have two separate credit cards. I buy 4 tickets in section 101 with one CC and 2 GA floor tickets with another CC. They're all for me and my friends, but the venue has two separate entries for 100-level tickets and floor/GA. How do we all get in without hassle?
  12. I just logged on a could've bought 4 GA. I would've but again...Need my credit card to enter and I already have 4 seats. I don't understand how you can buy multiple sets of tickets - Especially if those tickets require you to enter at different gates at the venue.
  13. Guys... Also make sure you're entering the code in the CORRECT PLACE. If you have a WIRES code you need to enter it in that section - Especially on the TM APP. Just make sure you're putting it in the right place.
  14. Well I had the option of buying multiple tickets in NJ this morning in the 300's and EVERY SINGLE ONE came up as CC entry only. There was no other option to choose. Figure that out.
  15. Anyone know on this? I'm thinking of seeing some shows in other places and really don't want to deal with the credit card entry at all if I don't have to.
  16. My friend just did it. He didn't receive an email with the presale code, but it was there in the "tour" page.
  17. I already used my presale code so I can't go back in and check, but that sounds encouraging. What about 200 level?
  18. I got 4 (aisle) tickets in section 135. Took two minutes right at 9am. I took the first 4 available to me.
  19. Hi all... This morning I just took the first 4 tickets available to me so I didn't have time to look around, but wanted to know if anyone got tickets that do NOT need a credit card to enter. In other words...Did anyone have the ability to print out their tickets or have hard tickets mailed to them? Please let me know. Thanks, Matt
  20. Hi Kyle, I would love it if you can PM me with those contact names/numbers. Thank you, Matt
  21. I got 4 NJ tickets in section 135. I knew about this joke of a policy, but was praying they would give you the option of having the tickets mailed to you. It didn't for the 100 level, but maybe the 200 or 300 level as on the TM website it says, "Please Note: Some locations are CREDIT CARD ENTRY only." I'm hoping that doesn't mean all as I want to buy tickets for friends.
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