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    1985 Croke Park, Dublin
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    IE Tour in london and the 4 shows in Dublin
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    Could never pick a best U2 gig
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  1. vincent kearns

    New Members Introduction Thread

    I am not new here have being a member for over 30 years. But did not know where to post this. I will be 50 on the 22nd of July and will be in Croke Park in GA. When I heard U2 were playing Croke Park that day my dreams started to come true 80000 people at my birthday and U2 on stage live that's a birthday to remember. If Bono reads this he might get me on stage and that would top any birthday. You never know my dreams may be realised
  2. vincent kearns

    London 02 arena

    Vincent Kearns, Joe Johnston, Ger Cunningham and Mickee mac at the 02 London arena
  3. vincent kearns

    Looking for 1 ticket Dublin 4

    I think their is going to be a ticket drop this week on ticket master for the Dublin shows as their was a ticket drop for Belfast during the weekend. So hopefully you have some luck. Regards, Vincent
  4. vincent kearns

    Have To Count!

    Hope the count breaks the old record
  5. still waiting on my email, hope they are not going to get this wrong
  6. vincent kearns

    HMV Grafton St Dublin

    Vincent Kearns making the efford for launch of no line on the Horizion Dont i scrub up well