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  1. ​​​Robert Graves ​Ambience ​The nymph of the forest, only in whose honour ​These birds perform, provides and ambience But never leads the chorus: even at dawn ​When we awake to whistle, flute and pipe, ​Astonished they can so extemporize ​Their own parts, as it were haphazard ​Each in his own time, yet avoid discordance Or domineering, however virtuose ​Or long sustained each voluntary of love. ​The rare silences, too, appear like sound Rather than pause for breath or meditation... Nor is the same piece ever given twice.
  2. School hymn for St. Trinian's Allegro. Come, playmates, lift your girlish hands In prayer to sweet St. Trinian. With eyes like fiery brands, he stands- Cleft hoof and bat-like pinion! He fosters all your little deeds Of maidenly unkindness; His foul intentions flower like weeds; He smites the staff with blindness. With ink and stink-bomb be content, Likewise the classroom rocket, His more conventional armament. ( An H-bomb bags the pocket.) Chorus Maestoso. Learning to be a be-utiful lay-aydee You can if you try; Learning to be a be-utiful Lay-aydee In the sweet by- and- by. Robert Graves.
  3. What an airhead I am.. I forget it's not the same time everywhere.. I always miss it..
  4. The shield of two dreams. N. Scott Momaday In the presence of the sun. The shield of two dreams. Dark water stared from her sleep, listening hard, holding her breath. There was, at a distance, the sound of a running horse, of hooves chipping rapidly at the hard winter ground. Strangely, there was no urgency in it, only the flat rapping of the hooves, the right rhythm of a running horse. It grew louder, than fainter; and then it was no more. She had not even thought of crying out. Then it occurred to her that no one else had heard. Her mother and father, her two sisters were there, almost within her reach, and they had not heard. They breathed easily in their sleep. Not one dog in the whole camp had heard. There was now only a deep, silent wake. The next morning Dark Water told her father Green Shirt of what she had heard. " it approached as close as the stand of willows on Hungry Child Creek," she said. Green Shirt said nothing at first, setting his face in a frown. Then he said, " I dreamed of this before you were born, of a shield with owl feathers." And, sure enough, in the stand of willows there was the shield. It was very old and beautiful. " The shield was revealed to me in a dream long ago," said Green Shirt, " but it came to me at last in your dream. Now, when I hold it up to others, to my friends and enemies, I shall say, " This is my shield, and this is my daughter's shield! Behold!
  5. From the Dark Tower We shall not always plant while others reap The golden increment of bursting fruit, Not always countenance, abject and mute, That lesser men should hold their brothers cheap; Not everlastingly while others sleep Shall we beguile their limbs with mellow flute, Not always bend to some more subtle brute; We were not made eternally to weep. The night whose sable breast relieves the stark White stars is no less lovely, being dark; And there are buds that cannot bloom at all In light, but crumple, piteous, and fall; So in the dark we hide the heart that bleeds, And wait, and tend our agonizing seeds. COUNTEE CULLEN.
  6. Dark Symphony Tempo di Marcia Out of abysses of Illiteracy, Through labyrinths of Lies, Across waste lands of Disease... We advance! Out of dead-ends of Poverty, Through wildernesses of Superstition, Across barricades of Jim Crowism... We advance! With the Peoples of the World... We advance! MELVIN B. TOLSON//// LIBERIA.
  7. To Magdalena Mulet, Margita Mora & Lucia Graves. Fairies of the leaves and rain, One from England, two from Spain, You who flutter, as a rule, At Aina Jansons' Ballet School, O what joy to see you go Dancing at the Lirico: Pirouetting, swaying, leaping, Twirling, whirling, softly creeping. To a most exciting din Of French horn and violin! These three bouquets which I send you Show how highly I comment you, And not only praise the bright Brisk performance of tonight (Like the audience), but far more The practicing that went before. You have triumphed at the cost Of week-ends in the country lost, Aching toes from brand-new points, Aching muscles, aching joints, Pictures missed and parties too, And suppers getting cold for you With homework propped beside the plate, Which meant you had to sit up late. From dawn to midnight fairies run To please both Aina and the Nun.
  8. A Court of Love. Robert Graves. Were you to break the vow we swore together, The vow, I said, would break you utterly: Despite your pleas of duty elsewhere owed, You could no longer laugh, work, heal, do magic, Nor in the mirror face your own eyes. They have summoned me before their Court of Love And warned me I must sign for your release Pledging my word never again to draft A similar pact, as one who has presumed Lasting felicity still unknown in time, What should I do? Forswear myself for you? No man in love, plagued by his own scruples Will ever, voluntarily, concede That women have a spirit above vows.
  9. Robert Graves. Sword and Rose. The King of Hearts a broadsword bears, The Queen of Hearts, a rose- Though why, not every gambler cares Or cartomancer knows. Be beauty yours, be honour mine, Yet sword and rose are one: Great emblems that in love combine Until the dealing's done; For no card whether small or face, Shall overtrump our two Except that Heart of Hearts, the Ace, To which their title's due.
  10. Robert Graves. At the well. To work it out even a thought better than ever before- yet a thought rare enough to raise a sigh of wonder- that is your art (he said) but mine also since first I fell upon the secret and sighed for wonder that our dry mouths after a world of travel were drawn together by the same spell to drink at the same well. Coincidence (she said) continues with us secret by secret, love's magic being no more than obstinacy in love's perfection like the red apple, highest on the tree reserved for you by me. Logic* Clear knowledge having come of an algebraic queendom, compulsive touch and tread by a public voice dictated proclaims renewed loyalty to a defunct geometry: blue-prints of logic Logic, tricking the tongue with its fool's learning, prescribed excess, devoted emptiness, with dull heart-burning for a forgotten peace, for work beyond employment, for trust beyond allegiance, for love beyond enjoyment, for life beyond existence, for death beyond decease. Love and peace!
  11. Perhaps its title represents a warning for the negative comments about their new cd.. Zooropa never hit the sky with the radiowaves.. bad seeds on the home front with doubt?
  12. Aslan.. I'll catch your fall... Love it! Billy McGuinness sounds kind of like Bono or Vice Versa? lol This song lifted me this weekend.. thank you Christy.. I need a little time.. new song 6/6/14 I'm a few months behind discovering this band.. Peace out Meela
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