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  1. Hello mods, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was travelling and unfortunately missed the emails about linking my account in order to receive a presale code via text by last night’s deadline. i just now linked my account to my cell and agreed to the sms texts but am fearful I’m too late. If there is anything that can be done at this point I would be super appreciative. I’ve been a subscriber for many years and was looking forward to catching this tour as i have done now for the past decade +. Thanks in advance
  2. JT is only 45 mins i believe, and they usually play for 2.25 hours. so there will be room for a lot more songs. Edge told rolling stone mag in an interview they will play JT as a sequence....just maybe not in the order of the album. But he did said they won't open with streets as that requires buildup. so they will shuffle the order. as to what else might be played, he said this: "But I will say that all the old songs are going to be considered and what we finally end up playing will cohere to what the core theme is. You know, we're doing shows in America. We're doing shows in Europe. But certainly the American shows, I have no doubt that a lot of it will be focused on that mythic America that we were writing about during the Joshua Tree." so, i'm going to guess: city of blinding lights, angel of harlem, mlk, miracle, california, new york, hands that built
  3. i wonder if this will be a "stripped down" stage as compared to the 360 claw and IE arena length movable screen? the renderings don't even show a catwalk/inner circle. wouldn't be unprecedented for them as that's what they sort of did for the Elevation tour after the huge productions for the zoo tv and popmart tours. this seems to be sort of a one-off tour considering they aren't promoting a new album, and therefore maybe gives them a (brief) return to basics to embrace the JT theme...that is until they continue the IE tour at some point.
  4. for the philly show at least, there were $155's available in the lower level as i was able to get a pair during the red hill presale. it's possible that the allotment of such tickets for the red hill presale is exhausted. i don't think that means that lower level $155 tickets are completely sold out, though. i would assume each presale has its own allotment to keep things fair. please correct me if i'm wrong and someone knows either way for sure. point being, it might be worth checking again when the wires presale opens, or the general onsale.
  5. purchased. lower level sect 103 row 13 for philly was $155 pre-tax, in case that's helpful for anyone. you can select by price level (up to $280), section (lower, clubs, upper, ga, etc). i saw the $155 option and chose lower and hoped for the best.
  6. anything yet for US pricing? looking to know the breakout of tiers within lower level as i know in prior tours there were quite a few levels depending on section/row. would be helpful to know prior to the 9am presale so i know what to shoot for. thanks
  7. for those who have purchased or already seen pricing, what were the ticket prices like on lower level? i assume it varies depending on section/row. i'm looking at the ticketmaster link for these shows, but it's not readily visible i'm going to be buying tix during the 9am EST presale for a US show, and am hoping to have some insight into the likely options in the lower level beforehand. debating lower level vs GA. thanks.
  8. Prices and seating details will be published later on the day/evening... keep checking the site / board / ticketing system site periodically for more details... i still don't see pricing on the ticketmaster pages for the US shows. am i missing something perhaps? would like to know what options will be available at what price when i go to purchase tomorrow morning. thanks again.
  9. for their last tour, there were multiple different price levels within the "seated" sections, depending on location. and also obviously GA will have a different price. i plan to go to the philly show, but i see no mention of prices yet. if anyone learns of US show prices, please advise as I assume all will be relatively similar, thanks.
  10. thank you so much for your post. that's definitely helpful info. sounds like you had an awesome time. cheers. also thanks popfan for your thoughts as well. i think i'll be more than ok where i'm at.
  11. hi all, i have a ticket in section 110 row 4 for an MSG show. i'm close to the end of the aisle, closer to section 109. A few questions after I looked at the updated map on TM as I'm still a bit unclear: 1. is section 110 on the end of the main stage setup (where larry is anchored)? if so: * i assume i'm behind the band and they'll be facing the other direction? does the band ever turn around or will i mostly be looking at their backs? * do theymostly stay on the "main" stage, or do they go up/down the catwalk and perform from the catwalk often? * are there screens behind the band that will obstruct my view? * whats the little circle on the other end of the floor on the TM map? is this a B stage? 2. will row 4 be a problem in general, regardless of which end is the main stage? will i be too low to see the band onstage? 3. will i be able to see the screen hanging from the ceiling that runs the length of the venue? or will i be too close in row 4, or too much to the side considering i'm in sect 110? Thank you very much in advance for any tips or advice!
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