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    1992 Zoo TV - First Leg
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  1. enrperez

    Which end of the stage is the Red Zone?

    They were awfully generous with the Red Zone areas. I'm glad you guys will have a good time, taken that not whole of people will be inside this Zone. i got General A floor at Great Western Forum and I can't place myself either by the main stage? or by the "e" stage. I'll probably gather around the "e" as close as i can for a more intimate U2 Set there (Angel of Harlem, Running to Stand Still and so on.)
  2. More like Victoria Secret runshow! ha ! U2 is great live no matter what
  3. They were $87 at FORUM in LA
  4. enrperez

    Question about GA for MSG

    How much for the MERCH VIP tickets? thanks
  5. Hi everyone, how much are the tickets for the VIP MERCH package/ i can't find info on that anywhere. I already purchased GA for FORUM on saturday, but i would like to know how much were the VIP tickets. Thanks people, ROCK ON U2 !!
  6. Yeah, hopefully they include a crazy COACHELLA FESTIVAL date sandwiched in-between Las Vegas MGM and say, L.A. STAPLES Center ? Do it Bono, you know you want to…. (That's me with the White long sleeve. Thanks for signing my Joshua Tree Album guys!)
  7. enrperez

    U2 Palm Springs Film Fest

    I met Bono and the Edge this year! 2014 in Palm Springs, ca. I asked: "Is it easier to write songs based on people you know? or is it harder?" Bono was funny. The Edge thought it was a very interesting question. At the end, Bono and the Edge autographed my Joshua Tree LP!!!!
  8. enrperez

    Lee DeWyzee

    CONgrats Lee, but BONO youre not. fail. ha ! Congrats again....
  9. enrperez

    CLAW Shirt

    Hi, I designed this "Claw" shirt because i got excited about the mechanical features of the new stage. You can follow my progress and creativity here: http://www.zazzle.com/u2diehard thanks for looking and look forward to any comments or suggestions! Art is love!
  10. I saw the 'claw' inside the film 'number 9'. Pretty scary film.
  11. enrperez

    GA we made it!

    That's me on the left with my old old pop mexico t-shirt (Yes, with a small-tiny hole on the upper back ha!) and my son Joel. We had fun! GA is always fun !!!!
  12. enrperez

    Joel and I

    This was my sons Joel's 2nd U2 concert (First was Vertigo opener in San Diego Sports Arena) We enjoyed the time alongside his uncle John. It was John's first U2 gig and we made the best of it! GA's !!! The Claw is AMAZING in person.
  13. enrperez

    U2 lyric game continued.........from 2005 LOL

    New Years Day !!!!
  14. enrperez

    U2 lyric game continued.........from 2005 LOL

    ok, how did we go from: "Birdland on fifty-three" to "Yahweh" ?
  15. enrperez

    U2 lyric game continued.........from 2005 LOL

    Birdland on fifty-three (from Angel of Harlem)