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  1. I didn't have any issues with the email or texted code like a lot of people seemed too. However Ticketmaster's website was a complete mess. It accepted my code, but then wouldn't show me ANY available regular tickets, just the VIP and (RED)Zone packages, which were $259 to start, up to $650 - yikes! Yesterday I saw someone say they had better luck with the Ticketmaster app, so I pulled that up on my iPad and right away found 2 tickets in my price range. Didn't like the location though, so I let those go and then it found me 2 right at half-court, albeit the very last row of the section 317. If the staging is similar to the I&E tour, these seats should end up being pretty good. I was quite relieved when the transaction was done. Ticketmaster really needs to get their act together, I don't understand why the app works fine and the website didn't. And I hope the band is made aware of the nightmare that a lot of fans are having with this pre-sale. Sadly it seems that their are issues with the pre-sales EVERY TOUR now.
  2. Got 2 for the 24th - section 119, row 10. Quite ridiculous how poor Ticketmaster's system is (STILL!), but in the end I got my tickets.
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