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    Which end of the stage is the Red Zone?

    Just wanted to add the info from Ticketmaster next to RED ZONE(?), when you view the (?) you get the info below, which may support that the RED ZONE is not on the opposite end of the stage/cat walk, but more connected to the actual stage: <<(RED) Zone Ticket gives you access to an exclusive VIP area directly adjacent to the Stage with special amenities and dedicated staff, all while raising money in support of (RED) and the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Exclusive features include barricaded area adjacent to the Stage; Extremely limited capacity; VIP Entrance to the venue; An opportunity to be selected for a pre show backstage tour; Access to the (RED) Zone refreshment stand.>>
  2. elkesven

    Does Everyone Prefer GA?

    I used to always get seats due to my friends' preferences - did VIP and then whatever else I could afford for the following shows. Last tour I told myself that I'm doing GA and if the people with me don't like that then they can get their own seats! I'm going it alone.
  3. elkesven

    Does Everyone Prefer GA?

    I know Red Zone is very expensive - The low cost was meant for the GA part.
  4. elkesven

    Does Everyone Prefer GA?

    Just curious if everyone prefers to have Red zone or GA tickets or do they sell out quickly because the cost is lower?