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  1. Keith2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I want to know why there was such a huge increase in the number of VIP seats this time around. In 2015, my sister and I were in Section 317, Row 1, Seats 1 & 2 at the United Center. Those seats were $90 each. Today, those EXACT seats (and 6 or 7 rows behind them) are now Silver VIP seats that cost $295 each.
  2. Keith2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Chicago tickets finally came up. Only seats left are in the back 5 rows of the upper level. Looks like this is the first tour I'll be missing since 87.
  3. Keith2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Zero innocence presale tickets available in Chicago. Only VIP tickets available even after unlocking with my innocence code.
  4. Keith2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    No, I have not gotten any emails. I did just get my text with code a few minutes ago.
  5. Keith2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I actually got my code about 5 minutes after I posted (thankfully). Even though I can't buy my tickets yet, I'm looking at the available tickets for Chicago. For the last few shows, I have gotten tickets in the first row (around mid-field, mid-court) of the 300 level through the presale. Now I see those seats are all part of the silver fan package for $295 each and they go back 7 or 8 rows? The best 300 level seats for presale now are the back rows of the 300 (upper) level?
  6. Keith2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I honestly have no idea how I'm supposed to get tickets today. I am in the iNNOCENCE group and the site says our presale starts in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I haven't gotten any texts with any codes or links (double-checked my cell number on my profile page) and haven't gotten any emails regarding tickets either. The forum just directs me to and the phone number listed there is busy.
  7. I know it's still early and a lot can change between now and Saturday but they're currently predicting thunderstorms for Saturday (don't know if it's during the day or night). I don't attend many concerts so, what is the rain policy? Play if it's not too bad? Reschedule if it's bad?
  8. Was this the VIP section at Chicago? I'm assuming Mix B and Mix A were behind it in the photo?
  9. Currently isn't showing any rain for tonight. However, is showing thunderstorms between 7 and 8.
  10. Keith2

    Where to park?

    Where is the best place to park for this weekend? I've had people tell me McCormick place is probably best?
  11. We may get pretty lucky tomorrow. Right now they're saying thunderstorms will stop around 5pm and then pick back up again around midnight.
  12. You mean June 2nd? Before the first announced show? Not even mentioning that the band doesn't play three consecutive nights, but has any band ever added an additional show before the first announced show? The only day they could possibly add for a third show is Tuesday, June 6 but, with them playing in Pittsburgh the following night, I would think that is highly unlikely.
  13. Keith2

    Multiple shows - who's going? (MERGED)

    I usually see them twice in Chicago but, since I don't do GA, and with decent seat prices what they are, the first show is all I'll be seeing.
  14. Keith2

    Tickets for fans....or scalpers?

    This is what I really don't understand. The tickets I bought for Chicago 1 were credit card entry only (that was the only delivery option). Ticketmaster will not let me transfer them and it will not let me list them on the Ticketmaster resale site. However, I see "Verified Resale Tickets" available in sections adjacent to mine. These tickets were originally the same price as mine and are pretty close to the same seats. Why allow some people to list but not allow others? Why aren't all tickets for the same venue (even in the same sections) credit card entry only?
  15. I'm pretty sure the Fan Club Bundle wasn't offered until the second day of the presale last week. I'm guessing it will be the same this time.
  16. That's a good question. This is an exact quote from the Ticketmaster agent I chatted with (since I am in a very similar boat): "I'm sorry but there is no refunds for U2, once tickets have been purchased. These tickets are restricted and can not be resold or transferred." I decided to give TM a call again. They were able to cancel my first order for me. I'm sure I won't be able to reuse my presale code but I was only planning on going to one show anyway so that's fine by me.
  17. That's a good question. This is an exact quote from the Ticketmaster agent I chatted with (since I am in a very similar boat): "I'm sorry but there is no refunds for U2, once tickets have been purchased. These tickets are restricted and can not be resold or transferred."
  18. Keith2

    Rose Bowl: $38 in Ticketmaster fees PER ticket?

    Here were the fees from Chicago: Service Fee (per ticket) US $13.65 Facility Charge (per ticket) US $4.00 Additional Taxes (per ticket) US $0.89 Order Processing Fee (per order) US $5.50 Two $100 tickets cost me $242.58
  19. Keith2

    Credit Card Entry (MERGED)

    All seats that showed up for me in Chicago were listed as Credit Card Entry. And, as luck (bad) would have it, I now have an extra pair of tickets. I didn't buy insurance on my tickets but it looks like I still can. How does that work? Buy the insurance on the second pair and then just say the people going got sick and can't attend? I actually contacted Ticketmaster because they have a three day cancel policy on tickets and they said that you can't even cancel U2 orders. This ticketless option is horrible.
  20. I just tried this and there were no $100 seats available with KICKOFF. It pulled two $155 seats in Section 309 Row 18. I really hope they have some $100 seats saved for today's presale. Also, I'd be a bit hesitant buying tickets with this code anyway. It's possible that, if they do an audit and realize you didn't legitimately belong in this presale, they will cancel your purchase.