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  1. Fingers crossed for the ballot for Trafalgar Square!!!

  2. One more to go before end of JT30 2017! Enjoy Brazilian friends :)

  3. I'd say Paris, because the French are crazy about U2, and the band loves the city and country so much, you feel it every time they play there <3
  4. What U2 Song Can Make You Cry?

    There are several songs that can make me cry... not every time, but depends on mood, life : Streets, Please, Bad, With or Without you...
  5. Wish I was going to Brazil for the last JT shows this year! ...

  6. Incredible Bullet The Blue Sky on Fallon! 

  7. Wish I was going to another show this tour! Brussels was brilliant

  8. Thanks for 2 great nights in Paris!!! France loves you, and we can tell you love us too ;)

  9. Can't wait for the European leg to start!!! :)

  10. Can't wait for Boston now!

  11. Vancouver was great, looking forward to Boston and more! ^_^

  12. BoomCha!

    1. 504jumper


      March is Joshua Tree month. I've been listening to this awesome album again. It still blows me away.




    2. pain_18_


      It's *POP* Month all the year round, for ever, Judith !!!

  13. How many of you were at the original Joshua Tree tour?

    Wasn't there! Was only one year old hehe, but won't be missing the celebrations this year