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  1. Happy Anniversary to the greatest band in the world!

  2. Enjoy the break! And can't wait to see you all again very soon :)

  3. Time to update the Event Calendar with European shows! :)

  4. Have fun everyone! Wish I was there with all the fans celebrating! Montreal sounds like a lot of fun
  5. Hello guys,I was at both Vegas shows, and I'm looking for videos of "in between songs" from the 2d night:- between Acrobat and Best thing, where we can see Larry (a friend had a moment there)- between Best thing and Staring, where we can see Larry (I had a moment)Thanks a lot for your help, haven't found anything on Youtube yet...
  6. Missing Chicago, wish I was there, in that great city... See u end of June though! :)

  7. Right on! Two nights in Vegas! It will be epic.


  8. Can't wait for Vegas!!!! :)

  9. Fingers crossed for the ballot for Trafalgar Square!!!

  10. One more to go before end of JT30 2017! Enjoy Brazilian friends :)

  11. I'd say Paris, because the French are crazy about U2, and the band loves the city and country so much, you feel it every time they play there <3
  12. There are several songs that can make me cry... not every time, but depends on mood, life : Streets, Please, Bad, With or Without you...
  13. Wish I was going to Brazil for the last JT shows this year! ...

  14. Incredible Bullet The Blue Sky on Fallon! 

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