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  1. What do you want? #zooropa #5years #U2360SaoPaulo

  2. EliezerPOP

    IE Leg 3 & 4 ?

    People say that, in Latin America, they booked some stations for feb 2017: - Brasil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro e Belo Horizonte (two gigs each) - Argentina: Buenos Aires - Chile: Santiago - Colômbia: Bogotá - Peru: Lima - See more at: http://www.u2br.com/portal/node/10004939#sthash.9FL3kRlG.dpuf
  3. EliezerPOP

    IE Leg 3 & 4 ?

    There are rumours of second semester in US, early 2017 LATAM, then Australia and ending in Europe. Just rumours....
  4. Hi Monica, I was asking about the documentary, not the show. In the beginning, HBO was planing to present the tour documentary on Nov. 7 and one of the Paris shows on Nov. 14. Then they postponed the documentary and I had no more news about this.
  5. Guy Harding was editing the DVD these days...
  6. EliezerPOP

    Dublin 24/25/27/28 Boy T Shirt

    I got my set of 4, but it was a nightmare to get it, because they released not one per day, but 2...
  7. It is only me or others are disappointed with the gift this year... 4 prints??? :-(
  8. EliezerPOP

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Hi all, I'm a old new member... For many years I have this account, but I'm not used to post in Zootopia Community. I'm from Brazil, São Paulo. U2 fan since 1996, but my first concert was 10 years later (Vertigo, São Paulo). Last year one of my dreams came true, 2 times. First I went to MSG 8 concerts in NYC, and in the last one me and my friends went to the stage to dance in Desire. Than, in Dublin, night 2, I was invited to dance and meerkat with the band. This is the best band in the world....
  9. Hi, does anyone has news about the documentary? Did it went live somewhere?