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  1. This Saturday, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a special party hosted by U2 Tribute Band: Ultra Violet, presenting the 'Songs from Innocence to Experience' show.


    Saturday, September 24 at 8 PM - 3 AM

    Bureau : Studio Bar - AudioFusion
    Teixeira de Melo, 380 - Tatuapé, 03067000 São Paulo, Brazil


    Here are the infos from the facebook event.


    Ultraviolet U2 Tribute Band : Especial 40 Anos de U2!

  2. Please keep in mind that there is no actual delay in the gift at this time and you will be notified when it starts shipping.  Last year's gift didn't start shipping until July.


    Please, don't "kill" my hope to have a better gift this year... lol.


    A band that gave a hardcover book with 4 prints and a CD in the past (From the ground up) can do better than just 4 prints.

  3. From a germany website - http://www.saturn.de/de/product/_u2-u2-innocence-experience-live-in-paris-rock-dvd-2135172.html


    Mit „Songs of Innocence“, das 2014 erschien, tourte die irische Rocklegende U2 letztes Jahr über 6 Monate durch Nordamerika & Europa und spielten dabei 61 Shows in über 20 Städten! Das Abschlusskonzert der Tour, das die Band in Paris spielte, können Fans ab sofort als DVD, Blu-Ray (inkl. Bonusmaterial), Deluxe DVD (2 DVDs inkl. Bonusmaterial) und Super Deluxe Box zu Hause live erleben. Die Super Deluxe Box beinhaltet die Deluxe DVD plus Blu-Ray sowie jede Menge exklusive Inhalte: USB-Stick in Glühbirnenform, 64-seitiges gebundenes Buch, individuell nummerierte Dog-Tags, Schablonen-Set (4 Stk.), Postkarten-Set (4 Stk.), Sticker-Set, Anstecker/Buttons (3 Stk.).


    So the Super Deluxe Box would include:

    - Deluxe DVD plus Blu-Ray and lots of exclusive content

    - USB stick bulb-shaped

    - 64-page bound book-

    - individually numbered Dog tags

    - postcard set (4 pcs.)

    - sticker set

    - buttons / Pins (3 pcs.)