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  1. U2 really need to get with the times on this one. I have heard they are "perfectionists" and don't want mistakes getting out from when they play live for eons. Well, every show is bootlegged and put on the net anyway, sometimes with inferior qualify. So inferior quality recordings are being put out there which can make a performance sound bad. Flies in the face of the perfectionist argument. That is why Bruce decided to do it. He heard the bootlegs out there and said we can do better than that. Technology has reached a level where it is easy to release these recordings via download, H drives, CD's, etc. and even sell the download codes at a merchandise stand at the actual concert. Nothing better than a memento of a show you attended than a fantastic soundboard professional recording. Not to mention U2 record every single show anyway and have done so since the mid eighties. There were rumors that U2 were finally going to do this on this tour. Sadly they obviously were just rumors. U2 either should do this (donate the profits to charity if you think It is a money grab or something) or be open having your concerts taped. It is just old school stuck in the mud thinking that is stopping them.
  2. So here is my possible problem. I ordered my Chicago 1 pre sale tickets using my code last week during the presale and it went fine. Today, I ordered a U2.com Subscription and tickets for a friend as a gift and ordered tickets to Chicago 4 using his TM account but using one of my credit cards (different card from the one I used on the first presale, but obviously the same billing address). Everything went through and I called Ticketmaster and they indicated everything looked fine. Checked both TM accounts and they show the ticket orders in the accounts. But the order cancellations indicated here concern me. I'am worried my original tickets from the first pre sale will get cancelled now. How long does it take before you know if your tickets get cancelled?
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