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  1. How will Foxborough Work?

    We are going on a party bus ( with bathroom),
  2. Party Bus, pick up at several locations in Boston

    We went to the show in Seattle and I commented to my husband that i thought there might be something wrong with him.The prompters did not show him very often on the big screen, but when they did he didn't look himself. At one glimpse he was holding his head like he had a migraine, another glimpse he looked confused and holding his ear piece like there was an equipment problem. Not sure what the problem was, but he was definitely off his game. The thing is, in the past, if he wasn't feeling well, he has always shared that with the audience.
  4. In regards to Merchandise and alcohol sales, due to this stage set-up, they were able to sell both on the GA floor, right behind Willie's bus. TIP:Every position on the floor provides a perfect concert experience, but if you want to kick it up a notch, stand next to Willie's bus. It is also the location for the VIP'. We effectively watched the show standing next to Gavin Friday, Mumford, and Eddy Vedder to same a sample few.