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  1. I was thinking since it there might not be a card exchange this year which is understandable because many are on tight budgets, hard times, etc. I decided to begin a Christmas thread for us to post music, greetings,etc. As for me, here is the recipe I was going to send with the cards which has been in my family for generations so here it is: Spaghetti with Bacon Marinara 1. Slice 1/2 pound of bacon into 4's 2. Chop medium size onion 3. Fry 1/2 pound bacon with onion until cooked 4. Boil Spaghetti noodles until done 5. Drain noodles 6. Add regular spaghetti sauce to noodles 7. Add cooked bacon/onion, grease mixture to pasta/sauce combination and enjoy!!
  2. I was wondering if there was going to be a card exchange this year? I'm asking because I got my cards ready and my recipe selected.
  3. I'm a bit nervous because I begin working for a new company this Saturday and all those "what-if's" are coming at me left and right.
  4. I can relate I got a Migraine last Monday and it wouldn't go away until Wednesday ((HUGS)) As for my current mood, I'm feeling relieved because I'm almost done with a chaotic busy week.
  5. My "Good thing" is I signed up for a local Jingle Bell Fun Run alternative called "Jingle in your Jammies" for those of us who cannot make the race. By the way, the charity event's proceeds go to the American Arthritis Society because we need a cure!!
  6. Feeling relieved after working a long shift yesterday/last night.
  7. The good thing which happened to me today was one of the local radio stations began playing their non-stop Holiday music!!
  8. I got my Christmas cards and recipe ready to go for this year's card exchange.
  9. Larry, Happy Belated Birthday, I hope you had a great one!!
  10. I got paid and a couple of bills are taken care of!!
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