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  1. Phillomena Lynott- Mother of Thin Lizzy Singer Phil Lynott
  2. Me too because his policies have caused many to lose jobs, homes, dreams,etc.
  3. I'm currently feeling eager (if that's a mood) for my paycheck to arrive & hoping I've earned enough to pay my bills!!
  4. I tried a new Chinese Restaurant today and thank God the sweet & sour chicken had the dark, plum sauce instead of that nuclear pink stuff!!
  5. I agree on Drake because his behavior shows poor sportsmanship on his behalf!! I also can understand your concern of the mid-west with Mother Nature and the tariffs are going to make produce much more expensive. In fact, I've had to cut back on making my home-made quacamole as a result of avocado prices increasing.
  6. I'm currently feeling feisty because there's only so much man society driven double standards one can take. I tall ya I don't know if it's DNA from Ireland or Spain,but I've been punchy lately!!
  7. I made a home-made quiche this morning after only 5 hours of sleep (I worked a concert last night).
  8. OMG I heard about that poor girl !!
  9. I hear ya because I would love it if U2 toured this summer especially through Seattle!!
  10. I was wondering since barbecue season is around the corner what beverage is your "go to item" on a warm weather day? As for me, Mike's Hard Lemonade is perfect for summer barbecues, beach parties,etc!!
  11. I hear ya because I got 2 migraines last week (Monday & Wednesday Night)!!
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