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  1. Celebrated my Birthday by going to Red Robin and enjoying my favorite item, The Bonzai Burger !!
  2. Feeling depressed over the "Birthday blues".
  3. Yesterday I got up earl;y (5AM) to volunteer for a walk for Alzheimer's where I helped with setting up a table, cheering on the walkers and handing out shirts. After my shift was over I went to a local Fall Fest, paid a small donation to feed a llama some mini carrots and a goat a small cup of grain.
  4. The 2nd part of the deep dental cleaning went well and 2 more to go.. As of now I have to avoid really crunchy food for a couple of weeks!!
  5. I worked at a concert on Friday night for a recording artist named "Pit Bull"
  6. We went to the county fair where I fed a camel at one of the livestock exhibits!!
  7. Thanks for posting this thread.I remember 10 years ago I got a email (via Myspace) from a guy who said he was Adam Clayton who majorly talked down his beak at me about how hard the music industry was. In other words insinuating I was stupid or something. In hindsight I realize this was not AC because I've heard from other fans he's actually nice and doesn't talk down to fans and besides these fellas are way to busy to send emails to fans..
  8. I hear ya because I'm so over these smug idiots who say there's no such thing as climate change,. Meanwhile the Amazon is on fire, Polar Ice caps are melting and Mother Nature is getting ready to whoop our asses in via extreme weather.
  9. I worked at a Sammy Hagar concert and the opening act was Tony Lewis from The Outfield on Saturday night if that counts!!
  10. Accomplished after finishing a 3 hour long dental appointment on Monday!!
  11. I'm,feeling huge sense of relief after a health scare!!
  12. Relieved because I found out I'll be getting a good-sized paycheck from one of my jobs!!
  13. My current mood is "enlightened" as a result of completing a temp job where I washed dishes and cleaned tables for a nearby result. As a result, I learned this line of work is very hard and if any rich snob tells you otherwise, you have my permission to go him/her to buy a brain!!
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