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  1. I went ahead and posted a "for sale/trade" listing. Frankly, this practice should be encouraged. I'm not scalper and am not interested in making a profit on the sale of my tickets. Ticketmaster allows re-sales now, but I'm concerned that if I listed them for sale at cost, someone woudl just buy them and then re-list them at a higher price. By the way, what's the problem with selling GA seats? I ordered GA seats and received "hard" tickets in the mail from Ticketmaster. Are these tickets non-transferable?
  2. Perhaps this is a different issue, but here's my situation. I'm a long-time subscriber and I used my code to purchase a pair of tickets to the 7/19 concert at Madison Square Garden. This was before I had my summer travel plans firmed up, and now it turns out I'll be out of town. By the time I figured this out, all of the MSG shows were sold out. But they just added a new show on 7/30. I just purchased a single ticket for that show as part of a ticket + subscription package. Because I already have one subscription, will this ticket order be cancelled? Or will my ticket order for the 7/19 concert be cancelled? I live alone, so there isn't another household member whose name I can put on the subscription. I submitted this question using the contact form, but I figure I'll get a faster response here.
  3. I'm a long-time subscriber and I'm unable to use the pair of tickets I purchased during the subscriber pre-sale because I'll be out of town. Ideally, I'd like to trade these tickest for a pair of tickets to either the 7/22 or 7/27 shows, or for one ticket each to the 7/22 and 7/27 shows. But if I can't do that, I'd be willing to sell the tickets at cost. I'm not a scalper and I have no interest in profiting from being a subscriber, and I want to make sure these tickets wind up in the hands of a real fan. If interested, please send me a message.
  4. I also have an extra pair of tickets (GA3) to the concert on Sunday, July 19. Acutally, my only pair, but I can't use them because I'll be out of town. I'm interested in trading these tickets to tickets for the July 22 and/or July 27 concerts. If nobody's interested in a ticket trade, I'd be interested in selling them at cost. I'm not a scalper, and I want to make sure that the tickets go to a fan.
  5. I'm curious about this myself. I just bought one ticket for the July 30 concert. Hopefully they'll add another show on the 31st. But it they don't, I hope they at least tell us whether the show on the 30th is an "experience" or "innocence" show.
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